Saturday, September 8, 2012

Calm, but anxious

I feel so.. "odd." Completely calm, yet totally frazzled at the same time. I don't expect that to make any sense to anyone but myself at the moment. I am just, confused by it. Maybe there is just a strange sense in the air today... even my husband said he felt "off" all day...
My husband's job interview on Monday went wonderfully. So wonderfully in fact, they called him before the day was even over, to schedule a phone interview for the next morning with their "big shot" at their corporate office (In Houston, how... ironic) and that interview went very well also. So well... he got the job. They called the following day (yesterday) and officially made the offer. He went in today to fill out the paper work and such. Still... I am completely unsettled over it... they are going to run his credit (egads... if they actually pay attention to it, there is no way in hell he will get the job, our credit has obviously taken a serious hit recently) and of course his drug and criminal checks will come out fine... and then there are always the references to worry with. But the main concern we have is whether or not they actually care about what comes back on his credit report. Anyway... we are far from relieved yet, but just maybe Illinois is going to get yet another chance after-all.
I am also finally beginning to feel I can relax and actually be excited about my step-daughter coming to visit later on this month. I am not even sure if I had mentioned it at all yet... I was so convinced her mother would create a way to ruin it... but it seems it is really going to happen. I have already stashed most of the money it will take for my husband to go get her (he is meeting his ex-wife halfway for picking her up and dropping her off because she refused to "allow" her to fly) and I am just really excited.
I just feel like I have so much rolling around in my head at once. I don't really know why I have felt so overwhelmed with the things I have handled fine in the past recently... but I have. I guess everyone has their ups and downs...
Anyway... this is going nowhere important. Just thoughtless dribble at the moment. I will try and give a better update tomorrow.

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