Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dreams and Nightmares

I have a dream... the cell phone rings... now, tonight, today... whenever, just soon and it's our tenants in NY. Politely telling us they found another place, and they will be out by the end of the week. Very cut and dried and simple.
I also have a nightmare... time goes by, and by, and by... and they don't leave. Until June 1st rolls around and we know they are still there... but of course don't receive June's rent (which if we do we will return, they "have" to be out on the 1st) - and we send someone by to determine when the hell they will leave... after all, our lease here is up June 1st as well. (Remember, I said our landlord is just wasting our time coming here on Saturday.) And after a pain filled "game" of track down the dead beat tenants, we determine that still we have to have them removed. Which by court order would not happen until the end of June, at the earliest... probably a week or so into July. And on finally getting back our house... we find they have spitefully left holes in the walls... put bleach all over the carpets... shorted out the electrical wiring... and what if they even stop up the tub and sinks and just let the water run on their way out. It would be days before someone got there to turn off the water, or even realize it was running.
Maybe I just worry too much? I figure at least my neurotic mind has me prepared for the absolute "worse" case scenario. There is just so much to worry about. Where will we go between the beginning of June and the time we finally get them out? (Assuming worst case scenario here, because seriously... they have not shown me reason to think otherwise.) And then there is the worry of the impending foreclosure on our house. They will not do the rework on the loan until we are living there, in the house. But these things have deadlines.. and the foreclosure will be final by about August... and we may not have the tenants out until mid-July? Talk about pushing it...
And even once we are there... and back in our house... it is going to take so much time to get back to "normal." My husband has to start a job... (he has several offers for once we are THERE) and we have to get back into some sort of a routine. And it is just going to be so hard. I know the important thing is we will be back there... and things will just fall into place to a point once we are... There are just so many "variables" to worry about. If the tenants damage the house... how much will it cost to fix? How will we even get it fixed?
And the bottom line of it is... I just want to be back in my house. My tolerance level, my stress level.. probably my blood pressure level... everything is just out of control here.

1:34 p.m.

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