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Day 4 - Peru Trip

Thursday June, 28th, 2007

As each day passes, I am just more and more amazed with this place.

First off - Last night went to meet Chino for my despacho - and as I was walking there, I thought about getting a healing instead. Well, they are doing everything here in the "Yoga" room - so there are like 7 Shamans working in there at once. I found Chino, and without my saying anything he said "we will do a healing - what room are you?" Chino is the only one of the bunch that speaks some (broken) English.

So - all the other Shamans were working in there - the Yoga room - so I was a little apprehensive about letting a man I don't really know into my hotel room at 9 pm at night... another woman there must have seen my thought process - she said "he is really good, and it is much more personal that way." So, I went with it. And I am so very happy I did. When it was over, I felt the most intense sense of calm - that feeling has remained with me all day. I have no headache tonight - it was just so nice.

He had me lay upside down on the bed (my head where my feet normally would be) - and sat in a chair behind my head - and at one point he pressed his forehead against mine - and it was just instinct to resist... and we could have stayed like that 2 minutes or 15 - I honestly don't know... but finally I reached a point where, with my minds eye I saw a river, between 2 large mountains (sort of like the area we were staying in, just with many more trees, and no people at all) and I felt instantly calm, and RIGHT away he knew. He released my head and finished the healing. It was just wonderful.

Today we ventured to Ollantaytambo - the temple of the winds. We had the 2 female Shaman on our bus - and they are just TOO sweet! The one - Dona Bernadina - simply put has the persona of being the entire world's sweet little Grandmother. It just radiates off her. We did a despacho with them, and they blessed us. I even had someone take a picture of me with them! I am quite self conscious about taking pictures with ME in them - but I figure when I get home the "oh, and here is ANOTHER mountain..." line in showing everyone my pictures will get old eventually! So - it's for diversity!!

After the despacho it was time for more hiking - way, WAY up - over 400 steep stairs to the top of Ollantaytambo. After yesterday, I was very sore, and still adjusting a bit to the altitude - so I was not alone in electing to remain at the bottom and shop in the little square, and hang out at a street cafe. I am learning my limits, which is good I suppose. I wanted to be able to bring my best to Machu Picchu tomorrow!

On that note, I am turning in early tonight - I have a VERY early wake up call set for tomorrow!!

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