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Day 5 - Peru Trip!

Friday, June 29th, 2007

Last night I finally felt like I came to an agreement with the pillows on my bed. (Updated note, that was VERY short lived...) I laid down, and I was simply comfortable.

I still got up a half a dozen times during the night due to all the water I am drinking to offset the way the altitude is affecting me.

Anyway - I had the craziest dream!! I was driving around for some reason looking for a TCBY Yogurt - and somehow instead I found myself inside a TCBY "party store" - and it was just INSANITY. Very, very hectic - I could not handle it - so I hurried outside and these 3 police cars came squealing up and FOUR police (like the ones I had seen in Lima with the big automatic machine guns) jumped out of EACH car, and they had German Shepard's with them, they all went running off saying "yeah, they need us to look for more, they think we will find more at Machu Picchu today..." - It was just totally odd. Then, the scene changed. I was being handed Ayahuasca - but as a pill. (Normally it is a very thick shot glass sized cup of nasty goo.) And when I took the pill, I was going to die. (It didn't feel like just Ayahuasca's symbolic death.) But I had to take the pill. I was told "the pill will choose how you die..." And - I took it. I had no choice. And I got a "black stomach" right away. The acid in my stomach started to eat through it - and I was craving something for the pain to make it easier - and I woke up. O-N-E minute before my wake up call.

The fascinating thing is (well, one of them) is that as of today - we moved to the West in the Medicine Wheel we are working through while I am here. In the West - you die - and are reborn. So... maybe I just did the Wes a day early and am ready for the North!??

The other very fascinating thing is - nearly everyone I spoke to today had very vivid, intense dreams last night. I am wondering what awaits me in my slumber tonight!!

Today our journey took us to Machu Picchu. And if there is any place that photographs simply don't do justice and words cannot describe - it is Machu Picchu. You can just FEEL the energy radiating out of that place. And there is even a scientific reason for that - the entire mountain is white granite. An amazing conductor of electromagnetic energy.

It was just awe inspiring. There was this large stone in the middle of one of the squares that - when I put my hands on it - it was vibrating. And I am not saying I "energetically felt it" - no - it was vibrating. Truly. The entire place was.

As we walked up close to the highest temple with the Intiwatana (hitching post of the sun) I could hear this very distinct sort of singing - it was soft, got louder, then cycled over again - I asked around and another person heard it - so I decided I was NOT going crazy and we asked our guide what it was. He said "you hear them?" We both looked at each other - we were expecting a logical explanation. He went onto tell us - that was what they (the Inca) did to welcome people as they entered the temple. I was awe struck. And I heard it.

It was just such an amazing day! The 30 minute drive to the train, the 1 1/2 hour train ride (we took the train from Ollantaytambo) and then the additional 30 minute bus ride up the steep dirt mountain road just made it that much more special. It takes a true pilgrimage to reach it. I was really left totally speechless.

I am off to bed now. I hope my babies are sleeping well. I cannot wait to see their smiling faces again!!!

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