Monday, September 10, 2012

Daydreams of sunny sandy beaches

I have decided I really want us to go to the beach for July 4th (which also happens to be my birthday.) Now, this is a grand statement, that in all actuality, I just don't see how I can make it happen. Though, it would be a lot of fun.

My babies are old enough, that they would probably think the sand was just too cool.... and my daughter would freak (in a good way) over being able to make a sand "castle" (she stacks her blocks, books, pillows, anything she can get her hands on and says "Mommy look! A castle!!") And.. I just think an excursion to the beach before seeing the fireworks at night would be a lot of fun.

Growing up, a consistent good memory I have is of my birthdays. We would always go to the beach, barbeque, and then go and see some grand fireworks display. And it was just something I always looked forward too.
I would love to start to do that again.

I have no idea if we can make it happen this year or not... the kids don't even have suits yet this summer... neither do I. But, I don't really need one... I stay far away from the cold northern Atlantic water. (Give me the Gulf of Mexico, and I am a happy camper!) But, I am sure the kids would enjoy sticking their feet in a time or two, and getting sand all over everything and anything. (I love the beach, can't stand the sand, it just gets into everything everywhere.) And my husband would love it... he grew up here... the cold water is "normal" to him.
So... I have a day under 2 weeks to see if I can make it happen. It will take a miracle... but I won't give up hope just yet.

That's all I have to say for now... my husband is currently on an interview. He has had a few... and we are just in the "limbo" stage with all of them it seems. Waiting on this and that... we need something to come together for us already - then we will finally have the money to do what we want, when we want too.

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