Monday, September 10, 2012

Finally, I AM getting better

Ok, so I know over here I was literally down on everything and completely feeling sorry for myself... and at the time, the entry was exactly fitting to my mood.
But the very good news is, I am feeling a great deal better now. Nearly back to myself in fact. Saturday morning my husband got to sleep in while I did my best to keep the kids quiet for him, and I think it worked. I wish I could have mustered the energy to make him breakfast in bed, but we didn't really have everything I would have needed to make it much of anything special anyway... but he did get to sleep!
And Saturday night he made dinner... and in a very brave attempt at eating something real... I ate a piece of chicken - and ATE it!!! Since then, yesterday I was able to eat my lunch, and the only time that horrific taste has tried to work it's way back into my mouth is last night, while I was eating my junk food dinner I had been craving all week. But it was not very severe at all. So, with true confidence I can say I think I almost have this thing beaten! (Which is a very good thing, because I would have been freaking out if I took that last antibiotic today and was still unable to eat much.)
And yesterday, Father's Day, started out a bit stressful, and of course had it's moments... but I think overall my husband had a very good day. I just feel like I did not do enough. And I know I will have time to make it up to him and all... but I really wish I could have done more. I didn't even give him a card, I couldn't get out to get one.. and even he will write me a hand written card with his own words... which I did not do either. I think for the first time ever. I just feel like not enough was made of the day for him... But, on a very good note, we confirmed my step daughter will finally sleep over here for the 4th of July weekend. Maybe then I can do something extra special for him.
I guess that is all the update I have for now. I am just so relieved to finally know I have made progress and am actually getting better! Now... if I can use this momentum and the 8 lbs I lost over the past week to keep in going in a more healthy way - I will be extremely happy!

1:34 p.m.

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