Monday, September 10, 2012

Yep, It's a political rant...

Incase anyone did not catch my quiet innuendo (on the title) of the picture I linked yesterday (found here) - Remember... Nero played the fiddle while Rome burned (or so they say... actually the fiddle was not invented yet, but other's say he may have played a flute)... (Points for Boxx!) It just disgusts me.
All the horrors all those poor people are facing in New Orleans - some of them are just saying they will simply go somewhere else, after all - they have nothing to go back too, it is just unfathomable. And the horrors are now spreading across the country. It is all connected you know... the gas prices, and the Hurricane.
Some of the things I have read these past 2 days just make me shudder... to know some people's fool hearted arrogance is only surpassed by their ignorance - I don't understand what is wrong with them. Right now, the impending $4 per gallon of gas does not concern me much, I can pay it if I must, my husband has to get to work each day. (The seemingly impending gas shortage however, terrifies me.) But some people simply can't afford a $60 fill up (in a small car) so they can get to work, to make money, to buy gas, to get to work... let alone everyone's other responsibilities... sick children, poor health. Gas should not be a luxury for the wealthy... Did some demented nut job say "let's see how we can make the poor, poorer. Ahhh! I know, make their gas so high they can't afford it to get to work, to make money, to feed their children." Sorry... got off on a bit of a rant there (inspired by something I read)... some of those people I have seen, bitching about the bitching about the high gas prices should take some of their privilege... their money they don't care about throwing into their gas tanks, and donate it to the Hurricane victims instead. I know we sure are... and we don't even have the ability to give that much.
And what exactly is the incompetent chimp in the white house doing about it? (Besides playing his guitar, and grabbing photo opportunities?)
Who the hell organized the relief effort anyway? I have lived in the South. I KNOW how these things work... when a Hurricane is headed in... they line those monstrous trucks up on the side of the road, wherever they deem the distance "safe" - and as soon as it has moved out, they swarm the area with tree trimmers, water, blankets.. everything that seems so impossible to get now. I get it.. it's an unprecedented storm... but SOMETHING more should be done. The Government is just missing in action.
Yep, it's official. I am on a roll. So I don't just get myself more and more steamed - go read this... my friend makes very good points - the same points I would make if I just let myself keep rambling on and on. And there is so much more... but I said I was stopping now right?
Last night on my way home from the store... our "cheap" gas station (and he is still the cheap one) was outside putting up his new prices... $3.49 for regular unleaded. Some stations are out of gas, and don't know when their trucks are due to come in. I wonder how long this will go on for.. and how it will turn out. Though I will make a prediction... just as the pumps on the pipelines in the south are fixed, the monkey will emerge from his office and make some grand statement, finally saying he is "freezing" prices - so he looks like the hero - meanwhile.. once the pumps work again... the price should naturally go down a bit anyway.

Donate to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief

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