Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Early morning tumble

My sweet precious baby girl fell off the bed last night. I have spent nearly the past 10 months with her sleeping snuggled up beside me all cozy and safe - and last night, suddenly she was not safe at all. At about 2:30 am she woke up fussing a lot - which is very unusual for her in the middle of the night. But I got her settled and let her drift off to sleep, in a somewhat odd position because I knew in 10 mins I could just pull her down a little and she would sleep right through it.

And it was about 10 mins later a heard *THUD* and a cry. I flew out of bed after her so fast... and I have NO IDEA how she landed where and how she did. I have had the bed set up perfectly these past 10 months just to make sure this *never* happened. She does not sleep between my husband and myself because he sleeps much heavier than I do, and I worry he may roll on her... or elbow her... so she sleeps on my side of the bed... wedged between me and a pillow... the pillow is held in place by her bassinet which is right beside my night stand. (The bassinet which she slept in twice, I think - but it's been a handy changing table!!) Somehow when she fell she fell between the bassinet and my night table... sideways... and nearly took my side lamp down with her! She is fine... I even think I may have been more shaken up than her.

Now today she has been very, very fussy. She is supposed to go to the Dr. tonight to get her 9 month shots - that we are already running late on because when we went into the Dr. for them the first time it turned out she had an ear infection. I am going to have the Dr. look over her real good... just in case she is fussy from being sore from her fall or something. I am also worried we may not get her shots tonight after all... she has been favoring her *other* ear now. Poor thing.

Here I am - wanting to protect her from the world... and in the middle of the night she falls off the bed.

3:21 p.m.

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