Saturday, September 8, 2012

Eggs and things

So, we decided against the Easter egg hunt I had hoped for us to go too... it snowed all day yesterday. Leaving only a coating on the ground, but still... it is not the nice spring day I had hoped it would be. In fact, it is hard to find anything green outside yet. My neighbors have some bulbs that have poked through the ground... but everything... all through my trip to the store the other day, everywhere is just brown and gray.
In NY we have had considerable snow through the second week of April, so this is nothing new for me... though when we had those snows normally it was on top of my starting to bloom tulips... but there is apparently just something about a Long Island snow, or North Eastern snow... that does it for me now in ways just "snow" will not. Or maybe I am just so beyond being fed up being stuck here that I just don't like anything at all to do with it anymore.
I realized something too... I have all these eggs, and I have the egg dye... and I knew I colored eggs last year... but I could not figure out why - I mean, my daughter is 2 and a half (my son even littler)... she could care less if the egg is plastic (I have plenty of those too) or real... so, then, why in the world did I color eggs last year when they were even younger? And then I remembered... I did it with my step-daughter. So... I am kicking myself for "wasting" $2 on egg dye that I won't use... but really, there is no point in coloring the eggs... we have more than plenty of the plastic ones. I am figuring next year it will be something at least my daughter will enjoy...
Speaking of Easter... I am looking forward to tomorrow. A nice quiet day... I will let the kids "find" their baskets in the morning, we will hunt down the eggs the "Easter bunny" will stash, and I will make a nice ham. Oh... and I forgot a great part, I get to eat chocolate!! See, I have been limiting myself so much recently... Maybe it is really shallow to look forward to it, but I suppose I can let myself be shallow every now and then.
And on my weight... I have decided my scale simply hates me. I have been busting my ass on my treadmill every other day and really being all "proud of myself" - and the damn thing is not budging. So it went down 2lbs. I can fluctuate 2lbs from week to week without all the ass busting just as easily. So... what gives? I mean... as of just two days ago I felt that I could see a very slight difference when I looked in the mirror. Am I fooling myself?
I don't know. And this has turned into such a list.. and I do have more to say... but I just won't worry with it right now. I will say where has everyone gone? So few names are that "pretty" red color these days when I check my buddy list. I guess everyone is still recovering from diaryland's meltdown. I know my poor diary has not recovered. He can say everyone's images are back and all the "%%" things are working all he wants.. it does not make it true.
If I don't update again... have a wonderful Easter everyone!

9:54 a.m.

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