Saturday, September 8, 2012

Jack hammer party, in my head

In case anyone was wondering... it seems diaryland lost every single one of my images in it's crash the other day. Which really irritates me. I can deal with it of course, I already uploaded most of them again. But now I have to hunt down a new one for my guestbook because my old one was so old it was on the hard drive of my other computer, that currently has problems. Oh well... enough diaryland complaining. (I do want my buddy list and things with "%%" to start working again though...)
I did not exercise today. Yes, I am beating myself up over it, because even WITH my headache I did it Saturday. But then paid for it Saturday night. See... it started Friday afternoon... a dull ache over my left eye... by Friday night it felt like someone was driving nails into my skull at 3 second intervals. Saturday morning it was a dull ache again.. I thought I dodged the bullet, so I did my 30 minutes of exercise. Saturday night, and all through yesterday there was a party going on in my head, complete with jack hammers, hatchets, you name it. So... today I am finally beginning to feel more normal... back to just the "dull ache" - and I hope it continues to dissipate. I can't handle migraines like that. Not when I have so much else going on in my life that needs my attention.
Yesterday I did make it to the store... and maybe it was the pain in my head... or maybe not... but I nearly broke into tears. See, I knew I needed to grab at least one outfit for my baby girl for the spring, because any day now we will be warm enough where she will be able to finally go outside, and I don't want her to be hot - so I set out looking for something in the size 5T. I know this size does exist, I have seen it. But apparently... to the mass populace, 5T is actually the beginning of KIDS size clothes, so I took something that was 4T (the size she is has now grown out of) and compared it to the things in the kids section. And it is official... my sweet tiny baby girl - cannot be shopped for in the "baby" section anymore. It gave me such a heart ache. I know that might be so mundane to so many people... but it is such a big thing to me.
My little guy is right behind her, growing like a weed too. It's just not fair!
Well, that is the extent of my update. Hopefully someone will actually see it through all of diaryland's issues. And I really hope my headache stays away. I can still feel it... I hate that. I made a nifty .gif of my baby girl earlier, just to figure out HOW to do it... so I decided to show it off here! I hope everyone is having a great day!

6:51 p.m.

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