Saturday, September 8, 2012


A simple conversation earlier today with a friend of my husband's gave me a lot of perspective on things. Now, I know he said basically the same thing my husband has said, and the same thing I myself know already is true... but maybe it just helped hearing it from yet another person.
No matter how out of control certain aspects of my life may be right now... I have what matters most in perfect clarity. My family. Though I would like to end up back in the North-East after this additional "blow" we have received here in Illinois, what really matters is my family. And no matter where we end up, we will be just fine. And I know this... and no matter how scattered and stressed I may be about my husband's job situation, and about what the future may, or may NOT have in store for us, I know we will be just fine. (Hopefully we will be just fine closer to where we seem to be needed more right now... but that is merely my personal hope, not a requirement.)
So... I will now try my best to REALLY think good thoughts about the interview he has this coming week. Maybe it *will* turn out to be a good opportunity. Maybe it *will* be what we need right now. Maybe we *will* still have the ability if he gets it, (big if, of course) to visit NY often, and take that trip to South Carolina with friends later this year we have discussed, and maybe everything will still work out like we did not miss a "beat" - at least I am trying to think positively about it. Yet, still part of me is longing for a NY company to call and make an offer we can't refuse....

Yet I sit here listening to my husband talk to his daughter (my step-daughter) in NY, and it makes me long to be there even more...

It is the things I cannot control that get to me the most. And this, I cannot control.
Anyway... if any of you ever were just completely curious about how I look, click here. (It took lots of courage and arguing with myself to post that...)

7:15 p.m.

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