Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall is here!

Woohoo, I got my images back!
All the leaves have changed, and the colors are so vibrant and wonderful! Yesterday my Medicine Wheel group had it's "Deepening Day" - and it was so wonderful driving home from that, to all the wonderful colors on the trees! And the wind was nuts yesterday! We had a storm in the morning, and coming home, everything just looked like a giant bucket of wet leaves had been turned upside down and dropped on it! I have some really neat pictures I want to put up later today on my buzznet page of a trip to a park I took with some friends. I never knew this spot was there - we went walking down one of the trails, and came on an area that was dark - it just looked like thick woods, but when we got closer, there were trails through it - and it was all bamboo! It was a true (small) bamboo forest, and the coolest thing! The pictures don't do it justice, but it will give you an idea anyway!
My babies are looking forward to Halloween. My little guy is all ready with his Spider Man costume, and I just got Jillian's princess costume. Maybe next year I will get her to be a witch with me. For now, she wants to be a princess!
I have something else I really want to talk about - but I don't. That is probably part of the reason I have been so quiet recently. I just don't want to launch into this entire explanation, and then be wrong. But again, a friend reminded me yesterday that *I* am the best judge of my daughter's behavior, so what I feel I KNOW - is most likely right.
So, here is the thing - on Monday November 6th we have an appointment for Jillian with a developmental pediatrician. I feel like I know what I am looking at with her - and I know that with, or without a diagnosis, between my husband and myself we can get her through it and she will go on to lead a normal, productive life. But right now, I am feeling like some support from the local groups would be nice - so, the "diagnosis" has become important. We are worried about her having Asperger's Syndrome. (It has also been described as High Functioning Autism - and is in the spectrum.) My nephew has it, so I KNOW what I am seeing with her. Anyway - I just want to make sure we are doing everything right. I want to be on top of it. There is this chart I found, that lists off symptoms and such... and even I was surprised by the number of things from that chart we have issues with. So... just think good thoughts for us for NEXT Monday. (And as always, if anyone has any personal experience, or such, I am welcome to it.)
I will be around - and hopefully I will get those pictures up later!!

2:37 p.m.

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