Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Feeling the Holidays

**There is an update here too.**
You know... nothing can ever be just good and simple. Fixing a flat tire should be nice and easy.
Well... not for me. At least these days. But in the end, it has all worked out rather well at least. You see - on taking the truck to the dealership yesterday morning my husband was told that, in fact... there was no corrosion on the chain/bracket thing that releases the spare. The dealership in fact decided that the tow truck driver must have been the one to break the thing.
So - we needed a part. And the truck would not be ready until today... yet my husband had to get to work. So - he had to get a rental car for the day (and today) while they got the part, and all of that.
Now... on a good note, it seems the tow truck company will pay for the otherwise over $200 repair on the truck. And somehow my husband got the dealership to even cover the rental car. So... it is thankfully not dipping into our Christmas fund.
Though... I am worried about one thing - last year my husband was rear ended. Hard. It did not seem to do any damage to our truck whatsoever... though the little car that hit him, was totaled. I just have to wonder... what if that broke it? I guess I just can't let myself worry about it.
As for everything else... I am almost completely ready for Thanksgiving. The house is getting all sparkly and clean - tomorrow I will bake the desserts... I only have a couple of things to pick up at the store tonight... and a few little decorations to stick up still.
And to make things even better - it might snow a little today or tonight! I know it would not be enough to stick on the ground or anything... but there is nothing better at getting me in the mood to stick the Christmas Tree up on Friday than a few flakes of snow! If I don't get my snow tonight... I could get it tomorrow night too.
I finally am feeling more into the season. It sure took long enough! Normally by this time of year I have been driving myself crazy for weeks. Maybe the good cold 'winter' storm today has helped my mood. (Yes, I love a good winter storm!) The only problem... at some point this winter, I am willing to bet I will be writing about my dogwood tree in the front yard... falling over.
With every good gust of wind, I can see it tilt. I have known it was sick since we bought the house... only half of it has bloomed for years now... but I noticed in our last good wind storm... it was ready to go. I got out there and pushed on it... and if I had been trying - I could have pushed it over myself. (This is no small tree.) I am confident (almost) that it's most probable fall direction will not have it landing on the house, or the truck... so I am just going to stick it out and see how long it will last for. I don't want to deal with the expense of getting it chopped up and removed before Christmas.
Now I just don't know if I should put lights on it or not. Normally I do... but I don't want it to fall with all of them on it. Any suggestions?

2:47 p.m.

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