Tuesday, September 11, 2012

No unwinding this weekend...

What a weird weekend.
So... yesterday was supposed to be my "run a thousand and one errands at warp speed" day. Which I was actually looking forward too. Getting my baby boy's birthday presents, and just getting out of the house... alone. Some much needed time away. (Because my children were ruff on me this week.)
Well... suddenly "alone" became "with my mother." She "asked" in a way that I was a bit backed into a corner... but even still... I did like the idea of her going along, because I can get lonely... and just plain homesick when I am running to a zillion places like I had intended to.
Our first stop, was Target - to "ohhh and ahhh" at the pretty Christmas stuff. (And I got a few things to put on my tree when I put it up on Friday.) But otherwise.. it was totally uneventful. Our next stop, was BJ's (it is like Sam's club, big wholesale/discount store) and everything went great. I got many things I needed... including plenty of raw meat. And things were just going wonderfully... right up to the moment we saw the flat tire on my truck.
Thankfully it was only in the 40's outside.. or I would have been panicking about the meat.
So... I have changed a tire before. My mother has changed a few too.... but following in the form of my overly stressful week... things were not going in our favor right from the beginning. The jack was stuck in it's nifty little "jack cubbyhole" in the back. Once I finally scratched up my fingers enough to realize.. hey stupid... read the owners manual.. OHHH.. it is "locked" in there (and had a twist thing hidden to get it out) we thought we were going good.
No... not so fast. The spare tire thing was retarded (actually, in hindsight we were the retarded ones, and were using the wrong thing to crank it down) and would not work. So... I gave up. Called my husband and got him working on our roadside assistance. (It is free... but initially it seemed quicker to just do it on my own.) After plenty of time wasted (meat still cold) the tow truck driver shows up... and finds the right piece to lower the tire. He starts to crank it down............ and it goes down... about 2 inches... and then we hear "grind, crackle, crack, grind" as he says "hummmm."
Oh great... what the hell now??
He reverses direction, to raise the tire... "grind, crackle, crack" - and I am knowing at this point... this is not going to go well.
He says the chain/lever whatever the hell is corroded. (Winter salt... note to self... get the under carriage washed after every snowstorm from now on) He says he has seen it before... and now the tire will not lower, and will not raise. It is totally.. stuck. We have to get towed to the dealership.
My poor meat.
He says the dealership is swamped... and probably can not even get to it that day - so we had a mini-brainstorm on realizing it was just a nail (getting it on the bed of the tow truck moved the tires) and took it to the tire center actually attached to BJ's where they plugged it. Now the truck can be driven.. very, very locally. My husband will take it to the dealership early tomorrow morning and hopefully not get stuck for very long.
That concluded my "relaxing" day away. (Insert sarcastic laugher here.) Oh, and the meat - was fine through everything and stayed cold!
At least while they worked on the truck I was able to walk next door to Wal-mart and get some of the things I needed. And today I was able to get the rest... so I am officially all set for Thanksgiving now.
Between all that, and my insane idea to give all the animals in the house (2 dogs, 2 cats) bath's on my own on Friday... my damn back still hurts.
And to top it all off... I had the funkiest dream last night, that has just left me with this major mix of emotions. (Yeah, I considered putting this part in a private entry because of who it pertains too... but you know what, if they still are not leaving me alone... then I guess I just don't care...)
For whatever reason... it seemed we had moved back to Illinois. And we were sitting in the home of my "former friend" (and it was almost like I just woke up, sitting there, my husband too, we both just seemed startled and completely uncomfortable, and trying to figure out what the hell was going on...) and it was just.... odd. Like nothing had ever changed. She was being all nice, and bubbly... the kids were all playing.. and out of what seemed like nowhere her husband actually just got super nasty with us. But it was like we all just ignored him...
I think I woke up when we were leaving... still going to our house around the corner... it was just really, really odd.
It is probably the time of year. Last year at this time I was getting the house ready for them to come over for Thanksgiving... not that they did not come over all the time anyway... but Thanksgiving is just something to go all out for... so it was still a big deal. And the day really was pretty enjoyable. Well... there were the sweet potatoes I totally butchered... but I think I remember everything else about it fondly.
Anyway... time to go make dinner.. I will post again soon!
(I can't believe my sweet baby boy will be 2 in less than 5 days!)

6:39 p.m.

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