Monday, September 10, 2012

Finding a routine

My husbands first day at work yesterday... could probably not have gone any better than it did. He came home excited and happy.... and that was a huge sense of relief. (Though the real major relief will come when he gets paid on the 15th.)
I still feel like I am expecting the "other shoe to drop" and spill out some horrible news or something. But it is not going to - this is really it. We are home. He has a great job that will put us in honestly great financial shape within a few months... and things are just really, finally falling into place... and dare I say, going our way.
Today I even did the laundry! There is still a small load in the dryer I have to fold, but I did laundry, and I managed to get a shower! (I had no idea how I was going to pull that off without my husband here to watch the kids - it has been so long!) But I did it! And I even wiped the accumulated crayon from the walls, along with the juice and milk splats I did not realize were there - and I wiped the vertical blinds! Oh! AND I dusted! HA! Now if I can just keep the kids toys corralled enough so when my husband walks in that is not all he sees... (toys strewn everywhere makes him say things like the house is a "pig sty" and such... meanwhile everyone knows, if you have kids, you will have toys in various spots... constantly - and he knows it too... just sometimes "forgets") I will be doing good!
I hope he notices... I mean, I wiped the blinds... I bet he will notice. (He better notice!)
On another note (if you don't want to know way too much information about my sun burn woes, stop reading now...) I think there is no way we will make it to the beach for my birthday. Today, I saw the texture of my skin had changed in a spot over the really, really badly burned spot... and I thought it was starting to peel (heal) - but on closer inspection, I realized it was instead, actually a big, yuck filled blister. And on even closer inspection, I realized there was an entire network of them all along the really bad sun burn spots. Second degree burn, anyone? Kind of freaked me out. Anyway... I did my best to leave it alone - but after my shower, something on part of it DID start to peel... and peeled right across part of the blister network, revealing canyons of liquid in my skin. (I told you this would be graphic.) So... now I am sitting here doing everything I can to LEAVE the rest of the part that looks like it could peel alone, because the part that did peel.. hurts like hell, and the skin under it... was much more red - even purple in places.. and just... ouch.
So... I think it would be foolish to go stick myself in the blazing sun on a reflective white sand surface just yet. I figure the next time my step daughter sleeps over (in 2 weeks) we will go then. And my damn ankles are still swollen.
So, aside from the burning and stinging sensation on my lower left leg... we are doing darn good. My husband will pick up my step daughter tomorrow morning, and my baby girl will be SO thrilled to finally see her big sister again.

4:43 p.m.

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