Monday, September 10, 2012

Opinions and various things.

Well... this is a first! I don't think I have ever been "tagged" for anything before... and I have to say, I had this momentary feeling of panic rise in my chest... and then I figured what the heck... if I am not agreed with, it certainly won't be the first time. So, thanks to AlmostNormal for the kudos, and I hope I don't disappoint you!
Here are the "rules:"
List FIVE things that society in general..... enjoys or tolerates.

The *catch* being..... ALL the things on the list are there because you can NOT understand WHY society either enjoys OR tolerates these THINGS.

So, here goes....
1)The word "ain't." I was raised that there was no such word as "ain't" and it was not even accepted in my school as a word. So... I really just don't get it. I actually found a dictionary that listed it... however, it seemed to only validate what I was taught - that there truly is no such word as "ain't." (Even my spell checker has it underlined in bright red to tell me it is just not right!)
2)Judges that stick their noses into places where they do NOT belong. Take this for example. This judge decided to ban these parents from exposing their child to their pagan religion. Even though NEITHER PARENT wanted it banned. I will eternally be baffled by this, and hope this gets overturned.
3) The Bush administration. I mean, as far as his approval rating goes, it seems the majority of the population is with me on this... so maybe I should actually put here "Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter." Maybe that works better?
4)The rights of the people being systematically destroyed and taken away, in the name of 9/11. September 11th was a tragedy, but the Patriot Act is an abomination. It was passed, by most without it even being read by them. Want to know more? Click here. And also here. And then here. And here. I did not list those off in any particular order... it was just what I had time to hunt down and find. There are pages and pages more. And then, google it... do some research. It is truly frightening.
5) The prosecution of people who use marijuana for medical purposes... - there are murderers and rapists walking the streets... who sometimes go to jail for shorter sentences than some dumbass that gets caught with a dime bag... You tell me what is more important. My father smoked pot, illegally in Texas for the constant pain he felt towards the end of his life. (He was very sick, and died ultimately from complications of AIDS.) His life would have been so much easier if he had not had to go sneak around to the places he did to get it.
Phew... I made it. And, just a quick note, I don't expect everyone to agree with everything I have said. I was asked for my opinion here.
Just when I thought I was done with the html fun... I realized I am supposed to "tag" 5 other people... (but don't worry, I don't expect anyone to feel obligated to do it.)
Ok, now that I shared the torture... oh, I mean love... I can move onto other things. But, I really don't have much more to say yet. Oh, I did get really brave and uploaded a current photo of myself to my buzznet page. Today when I looked at it, I think my eyes look all weird and that it is not the good "enough" picture I thought it was last night... but what the heck, I will leave it.
And my mother will be here sooner than expected, they should get here tomorrow night... (yikes!) So, think good thoughts for me on that one.
And the husband is picking up my step daughter as I type, and we just might get to go out for a cheap dinner tonight which would be a welcome change of pace.
And I think I am done with my rambling now. Oh - my leg hurts 20 times worse today than it has the past week... which really sucks. But my ankles are not as swollen. So, I guess that is good?
I will be back later... or tomorrow... if not... Hopefully my birthday will go good on Monday!

1:58 p.m.

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