Monday, September 10, 2012

Working Reality

Today is my husband's first day at his new job. I am nervous for him, and excited for us... and - what the hell am I going to do with myself now that he is finally back at work all day long again?
Not that having him around wasn't nice and all - it was... well, mostly - though we had reached the point of just being ready to strangle one another, but I have had no sense of a "routine" for months now. And I NEED routine. At least, a slight one.
So, now that he is not here, I am ready to jump up and do the laundry, clean the cat boxes, scrub the walls and the tub, and all sorts of other assorted "homely" duties. And, I am actually excited about all this. (Yeah, be afraid... be very afraid...)
But there is one problem. My ankles still look like they are better suited to an elephant than to me. I am just so darn upset over this too. The burn has not even started to peel yet either... it has just gotten sort of "splotchy" and is still so damn sore. Keeping my feet up today is impossible... but running up and down the stairs for the laundry and various other things is not something I want to push. Maybe then by the end of the day they will only look like they belong to a baby elephant rather than a full grown behemoth. (The swelling has been much worse by the end of each day than at the beginning.) I truly hope the burn and swelling is better before my birthday on Monday, otherwise we will have to push the additional beach trip off until my step daughters next sleep over. Which would not be the end of the world I know... just a bummer.
So... there you have it. My husband is really truly back at work today. They emailed him the "official" offer letter yesterday, and the FedEx man brought the hard copy earlier this morning. It was so nice to see those numbers written out in black and white. Though still I will not fully relax until we make that first deposit... or second, or maybe even third. We have been through so much over the past year... I guess accepting things DO get better will take a little time.
On a different subject... my mother will officially be here on Tuesday the 5th (maybe Wednesday) but most likely Tuesday. Maybe I am insane and after a few months we will get a hundred "I told you so's" from everyone and their grandmother... but like my husband said... everyone deserves a second chance...

11:34 a.m.

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