Monday, September 10, 2012

Mother's, Beaches, Jobs and Shish!

After enough going back and forth on it to give me a raging stomach ulcer, I think we have come to a decision.
My mother will be moving into the basement apartment with my younger brother.
And I know, that no matter what comes of it, the worst will be my having to ask them to leave for one reason or another.
I know she plans to get a job right away, and my little brother also wants to start working right away... so they will be able to contribute financially once they get settled in, which will be a huge help.
I am proceeding with caution here. I am getting a bit excited at the thought of having her around, some - I just have to make sure I put limits in place right away, so they are fully aware that just because we are living under the same roof, we are not living together. That is my main concern - because I love them dearly, but too much togetherness is not a good thing.
So... tentatively a day or so after my birthday, they will arrive... and though right at first I am sure there will be an adjustment period, overall - I expect not much to change. If too much changes, well... I will have to make a change of my own. And I hope it doesn't come to that.
And for some even better news... we are going to the BEACH tomorrow! (AND hopefully on my birthday too!) Somehow we pulled off getting enough of the "must haves" together to do it. We still won't be fully "beach equipped" like I would like... but I can make it work. I even got a $1.37 styrofoam (I know, I know, the environment... hopefully it will forgive me - I mean, it was already made, I just bought the thing)  cooler so we can bring nice COLD soda and sandwiches and juice!
And while I am on a roll... some even better news... though this one I am cautiously optimistic about... (ok, try terrified) - the really nice job that my husband went back to a second interview for is supposed to be sending him an offer letter by Tuesday... possibly for him to start as early as Wednesday!! That would be SO relieving. Just please everyone think good, good thoughts for us. We need this so badly, it hurts.
Oh, and incase you noticed my new "pet" at the bottom... I will explain it's name. I was playing with her-story's duck, and my daughter was getting a HUGE kick out of it... so I went to look at what other "adoption options" there were. And saw the fish. Well... my daughter LOVES fish... she pronounces it "shish" - so... my pet shish was born. You can feed it and everything! (I am not sure if it will be a permanent fixture or not yet, it does take up a lot of room... but so far so good!)

5:45 p.m.

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