Friday, September 7, 2012

For my guestbook troll...

Dear "Avid Reader"

You speak of my situation as if it's so simple. "He cheated, therefore you leave..." You act as though it's just so easy... well... it's not. My life is not that simple. My heart is not that uncomplicated... and yes, I am talking about me here. Me.

My children are the center of my world, and I fiercely protect them. If I thought for merely a split second that they had been touched by what has transpired between my husband and myself recently, then my husband's desire to "work things out" would have fallen on deaf ears.

I will not have my children grow up thinking it is "ok" to cheat on your wife... and use her and take for granted that she will not leave if given these circumstances. However my children are very young, and if my husband is sincere in his desire to make things better, then they will never have to know.

My marriage needs a tremendous amount of work. And it has to start with my husband taking responsibility for the way he has treated me, and the way he has responded to the "problems" he has had with our life. But none of this has anything to do with my children. I talk about ME because *I* am the one that has to be ok right now. If I am ok, then I know they will be.

"Avid Reader" - please take your nastiness somewhere else. Everyone else has been so sweet to me... and have offered their opinions, and their experiences... but none have insulted me the way you have. I don't need that right now. Your criticism is useful... your insults only hurt. And I am hurting enough right now.

More later...

3:42 p.m.

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