Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy news!

I have a splitting headache. The worst one I have had in a couple of months... but what's worse is, I can't even take anything for it this time. That sucks.

But, on a very happy note - I AM pregnant!! There are two little lines on the test... and that is a positive result! I am so excited... and I told my husband in a really neat way too... I got up bright and early this weekend and took the test, then he got up and made the baby her bottle, and I was giving it to her and we were talking, and I said "and she is going to make a really awesome big sister..." It took him a moment to realize what I had said, and then he got the cutest smile on his face, and started asking questions. He knew I may be, so it wasn't a huge surprise or anything, but I think it still took him a little off guard.

I'll write more later... I have a pounding headache now...

11:15 a.m.

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