Wednesday, September 5, 2012

He will be home today.

Last night my husband called back - and apologized for being the way he had been. He said he was tired, and had been sleeping. Sheesh... but it's ok. At least he is coming back today.

I can't wait to see my sweet baby girl's reaction when he walks through the door... she has a habit of "yelling" at us when we leave her with her grandma to go to my Dr. or for instance the ONE time we went to dinner (and a movie!) without her, she was wonderful while she was there, but when we walked through the door she got so mad she cried!!! (In a way, it was adorable.) So I can only imagine the earful her daddy is going to get tonight!!!

Also, the dogs (specifically my St. Bernard who has been making me crazy anyway) have been taking advantage - or trying to... I really don't know what he has been up to, but he has been making me nuts. When my husband is here, every night he lets him out, ONCE, somewhere between 10 & midnight, for the dog to do his "business" for the night... well... for some reason with me the dog does not understand this concept. I let him out at 10 AND midnight both nights, just to make sure he understood "that was IT"... the first night he was not so bad... but last night I was about to lose my mind. Every time I turned over, flickered my eyes or ANYTHING, he was in my face panting like he had to go out. And I know better.

I am just so happy my husband comes home today. He sounds great on the phone, and it seems everything up there has gone better that he expected. That is such a relief.

It's funny, he is already hinting he may have to go to the "corporate California office" some time... but "probably not till next year" so I just laughed and told him... that's fine... as long as we can make a nice family vacation out of it.

12:02 p.m.

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