Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jekyll & Hyde

Sometimes my husband makes me insane. It's just really not good when he is making me insane and he is 2 hours away and there is absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Yesterday, he called me constantly... at every chance he got, and seemingly even more than that. He made chances to call just like he should. Today though, has been a totally different story. He called a few times during the day, which was great... and then the "evening" rolls around and it just makes me crazy. He said he would call when he got back to the hotel this evening, which would be between 5 and 6. So, at 6:20 I called his cell phone, no answer. (Great.) Then at 6:30 I tried him again, and he answered... "where are you?" I asked... "in the room" he says... totally "matter of factly" like I should have known this already. I did not even think to ask at the time why he did not answer the phone before - but he said he had been in the room at least 20 mins already.

And he sounded all "weird." And I can't stand that. When he almost sounds like I am "bothering" him but he was SUPPOSED to have called me already but he had not - and he sounded like he was sleeping, or drinking, or who knows what. And I hate that. So we decided he would call me "later" - "before he left..." So, "later" got to a lot later and I called him... and he said he was about to call me and had taken a nap. I am assuming this explained why he was so "out of it" when I spoke to him before - clearly he had already been sleeping or something. (So what the hell happened to the phone call he had promised?) But even still - he sounded totally "off" and uninterested in talking. He was going to go eat and "whatever" and call me later. And now he has decided he will see if any of the "other people" from their corporate office are around there tonight, like last night so he can "mingle" some more - where as earlier he had said he was just going to turn in early.

Whatever - I am just so glad this bullshit is over with tomorrow.

8:17 p.m.

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