Saturday, September 8, 2012


I have so much going on today. My mind just feels completely beyond it's capacity.

First off... my husband is currently on his way to a job interview. The position is one he was recommended for by a former boss, so we have a good feeling and very high hopes for it... but obviously I will not think it's a sure thing until he STARTS work. On that note, on Monday we had one door close... but thankfully in a way, two opened in it's place. My husband did not get the job in Florida. However, he got the call for this job that he is interviewing for now. The job is here, we would not have to move, and it holds lots of promise... so I am just crossing my fingers in every way for this one.

Also, he was able to speak to his father on Monday. We never thought he would get to speak to him again... It was a very emotional moment for him, and I was just so very happy he got to have that moment. His father has defied the odds and has come out of his coma, and is off the respirator... we of course are worried about another set back, but this has really amazed us. This paragraph deserved it's own entry. I meant to write it yesterday but just did not have time. But it was one of the rare moments my husband actually cried on my shoulder, which of course made me cry. I am just happy beyond words that he was able to talk to him again.
And then there are my thoughts on the politics of the past 24 hours. I could spill it all out in my own words here... but frankly I am to tired, and disappointed, and frankly, angry to deal with it. However, I have to say I absolutely second everything said by this wonderful lady, and also by this other wonderful lady. Though still it is hard for me to believe it. All I can say is, hopefully this will light the fire under even more asses for 2008.
Now that is out of my system... onto happier things... here are my babies on Halloween. (And everyone please, please think good thoughts for my husbands interview he is on right now.)

This is my little girl in her "princess" costume.

And this is her in my witch hat. She was much happier in the hat than the dress.

My little guy, tired after a hard night of trick-or-treating.
And finally, here are the pumpkins I carved.

3:57 p.m.

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