Saturday, September 8, 2012

The one exception

We have made a few good friends on diaryland recently. (Hence the reason this is being placed in my private folder.) And my husband has been talking to this one couple specifically quite often.
The guy I think is great. The girl, well, she only spoke to me once and not much... but that is just as much my fault as it is hers.
The other day the guy instant messaged me, saying my husband and his fiancee had really "hit it off well" in talking the night before... and asked me if I knew what they were talking about. My answer to him was completely honest when I said I really had no clue.
But then, curiosity got the best of me... and, you know that spyware program I have on this computer... well, I have not checked the logs on it in the longest time. (My husband and I REALLY are doing better, and that is proof.) But I said what the hell and looked.
Once again my husbands inability to know the things he should talk about with women other than his WIFE prevailed. Just ridiculous stupid shit... like:
This began with her talking about her just dying her hair red:
Her [10:28 PM]:  yes its pretty....hey do you have web cam?...
Andrew [10:28 PM]:  yes
Her [10:28 PM]:  lol...we do too
Andrew [10:29 PM]:  :)
Her [10:29 PM]:  i was just recently introduced to this amusement...its great...although i don't have many friends online...but it's still a good time
Andrew [10:30 PM]:  it is
Andrew [10:30 PM]:  it has lots of possibilities
Andrew [10:31 PM]:  i have it on msn msgr yahoo msgr and aol
Her [10:31 PM]:  truly..i know a few people who do sexual stuff on them...i can't understand the amusement there really...on most of them there is a lag...nothing would be more humorous to me then to see a guy on the other end jerkin' off in slow motion...LMAO
Andrew [10:31 PM]:  ha ha ha
Her [10:31 PM]:  i wouldn't be able to take the whole thing seriously
Andrew [10:31 PM]:  its hard to
Andrew [10:32 PM]:  i will admit..ive checked myself out on the cam....:-[ just out of pure curiosity
Her [10:32 PM]:  but in all honesty...all joking aside...were you turned on?
Andrew [10:32 PM]:  at myself naked?
Her [10:33 PM]:  yes
Andrew [10:33 PM]:  sure
Andrew [10:33 PM]:  if i cant look at myself, then there's no point
Andrew [10:33 PM]:  im comfortable with myself
Her [10:33 PM]:  i see your point
Andrew [10:33 PM]:  i never did anything with anyone else tho
Andrew [10:33 PM]:  not with the drill sergeant here..LOL
Her [10:34 PM]:  but would you had you the chance?
Andrew [10:34 PM]:  i am open for anything .if I don't like, i don't do
Andrew [10:35 PM]:  sagitarius= Very open and free spirit
Her [10:35 PM]:  well maybe it does sound kinda kinky
Her [10:35 PM]:  Leo = if its kinky i wanna do it!
Her [10:35 PM]:  LMAO
Andrew [10:35 PM]:  we all are exhibitionists and votuers deep down
Andrew [10:35 PM]:  voyeur's
Her [10:36 PM]:  i'll admit im a HUGE voyeur!
Andrew [10:36 PM]:  me too
Andrew [10:36 PM]:  but also the exhibitionist as well
Andrew [10:36 PM]:  ~~~always liked the fantasy of an audience
Her [10:36 PM]:  i am also an exhibitionist...oooh audience...that sounds fun
Andrew [10:37 PM]:  ha ha ha
Andrew [10:37 PM]:  my other half is VERY opposite of me
Andrew [10:37 PM]:  conservative
Andrew [10:37 PM]:  ying to my yang
Andrew [10:37 PM]:  'LOL
Her [10:37 PM]:  mine is also very conservative
Her [10:37 PM]:  don't tell him i said that LMAO
Andrew [10:37 PM]:  if u read my wife's diary.
Andrew [10:37 PM]:  u'll understand
Andrew [10:37 PM]:  i wont
Andrew [10:38 PM]:  secrets safe with me
Her [10:38 PM]:  excellent he'd kill me...he's very closed lip about sex stuff
Andrew [10:38 PM]:  wow
Andrew [10:38 PM]:  i guess u have to open him up?
Her [10:38 PM]:  me i love to tell stories and talk about anything sexual im quite liberated in that field...he gives me "the look" when i i just shut up
Her [10:39 PM]:  the ying to my yang
Her [10:39 PM]:  i've tried...he gets very defensive...
Her [10:39 PM]:  some things he shows interest in but when it came right down to it i don't think he'd be able to do it
Andrew [10:39 PM]:  im the same..i cannot get enough
Her [10:39 PM]:  i'll try anything once, maybe even twice just to be sure...
Andrew [10:40 PM]:  same here
Andrew [10:40 PM]:  i like to take things to whatever level
Her [10:40 PM]:  me too...let the passion run high and let the clothes
Andrew [10:41 PM]:  amen
Andrew [10:42 PM]:  i love exploring peoples' fantasies and inner desires, etc
Her [10:43 PM]:  ya's funny you mention that...i have a tendency to break people of their sexual incubation period
Her [10:44 PM]:  two of my very good friends were dating...
Andrew [10:44 PM]:  k
Her [10:44 PM]:  he came to me with an issue he was having with i schooled him on what i thought she might be into...turns out she loved it and they had the greatest sex like Dr. Ruth...only not as hideous
Andrew [10:44 PM]:  ha ha ha
Andrew [10:44 PM]:  that's a compliment'
Andrew [10:45 PM]:  i know whats wrong with most guys
Andrew [10:45 PM]:  and Im a guy
Her [10:45 PM]:  turns out she loves spanking and hair pulling and being tied look at the girl you wouldnt think so really...but i can spot the inner freak...LMFAO
Her [10:45 PM]:  whats wrong with most guys?
Andrew [10:47 PM]:  1.dont pay any attention to details
2. Too rough with the hands at times
3. not enough kissing
4. not enopugh passion
5. too much of a rush
Andrew [10:47 PM]:  just to mentiuon the basics
Andrew [10:47 PM]:  no "seduction"
Her [10:48 PM]:  lol...and you just listed the five most complaints of women about their men
Andrew [10:48 PM]:  see? i know
Andrew [10:48 PM]:  im in tune
Andrew [10:48 PM]:  lol
Her [10:48 PM]:  you are a good i hope that you don't commit any of the five in your bed room
Andrew [10:48 PM]:  i dont
Andrew [10:48 PM]:  ha ha ha
Her [10:48 PM]:  good
Andrew [10:49 PM]:  im still learning as we all are you know?
Andrew [10:49 PM]:  i dont ever get bored
Andrew [10:49 PM]:  i wont allow myself to
Her [10:50 PM]:  im sure you've taught her a few things...if you are as outgoing as you say then im sure she is very happy with you
Andrew [10:50 PM]:  yeah
Andrew [10:50 PM]:  she is
Andrew [10:50 PM]:  ive had a bad track record tho as u probly read
Andrew [10:50 PM]:  :(
Her [10:50 PM]:  lol...well we all gotta start somewhere
Andrew [10:50 PM]:  its the problem with being a SaG
Andrew [10:51 PM]:  resteless
Andrew [10:51 PM]:  secually addicts
Andrew [10:51 PM]:  sexual
Her [10:52 PM]:  oh yes...they are
Her [10:52 PM]:  or so i hear...maybe i should go find a sag...LMAO
Andrew [10:52 PM]:  yep vorascious
Andrew [10:53 PM]:  shhhhhh
Andrew [10:53 PM]:  dont tell anyone
Her [10:53 PM]:  i won't ...its our dirty little secret
Andrew [10:54 PM]:  :)
Andrew [10:54 PM]:  yep

Andrew [10:54 PM]:  and ur within 4 feet
Andrew [10:54 PM]:  and so am i lol
Her [10:54 PM]:  LoL
Her [10:55 PM]:  think he might have to watch himself tonight...lest he be raped terribly...LOL
Andrew [10:56 PM]:  really>
Andrew [10:56 PM]:  lucky him
Her [10:56 PM]:  look at him all sittin' over there typing away...completely oblivious to his bed time fate...*insert maniacal laughter here*
Andrew [10:57 PM]:  im jealous
Her [10:57 PM]:  well then...go and rape your woman...
Andrew [10:57 PM]:  'nahh
Andrew [10:57 PM]:  shes watching TV
Her [10:58 PM]:  so go on over there...kiss her sweetly then take her on the couch...nothing is a bigger turn on the screwing in random rooms in the house
Andrew [10:58 PM]:  thats good he can inspire u like that
Andrew [10:58 PM]:  not with the 1 yr old awake and laughging
Andrew [10:58 PM]:  :(
Her [10:58 PM]:  ok thats wrong
Andrew [10:58 PM]:  lol
Andrew [10:58 PM]:  i like surprises
Her [10:58 PM]:  wait till baby goes to bed
Andrew [10:58 PM]:  like while shes asleep
Andrew [10:59 PM]:  wake her up
Andrew [10:59 PM]:  with "things"
Andrew [10:59 PM]:  kisses and such
Her [10:59 PM]:  me to wake him up between his thighs with nether kisses
Andrew [10:59 PM]:  :-P
Andrew [11:00 PM]:  she likes that
Andrew [11:00 PM]:  and her spine
Andrew [11:00 PM]:  top to bottom
Her [11:00 PM]:  mmm thats yummy
Her [11:01 PM]:  and quite honestly i believe that nothing is more erotic then that first intake of breath when they just wake up and actual feel you there....
Andrew [11:01 PM]:  the back is a huge erogenous zone
Her [11:01 PM]:  gives me goosebumps
Andrew [11:02 PM]:  watching someone sleep is very beautiful
Her [11:03 PM]:  yes i one is more at peace then when they are sleeping
Andrew [11:03 PM]:  i also like to wash her hair, bathe her
Andrew [11:03 PM]:  she dont like that
Andrew [11:03 PM]:  i like doing that to a girl
Her [11:03 PM]:  awe thats so sweet
Andrew [11:03 PM]:  pampering someone is awesome
Andrew [11:04 PM]:  i am a total altruist
Her [11:04 PM]:  oh and do the girls love to be pampered
Andrew [11:06 PM]:  yes
Andrew [11:06 PM]:  i like being seuctive and also animalistic all in same
Andrew [11:06 PM]:  makes sense?
Her [11:06 PM]:  oh certainly
Andrew [11:07 PM]:  cool
Her [11:07 PM]:  although sometimes i enjoy playing the submissive
Andrew [11:07 PM]:  if u want me to cghange subject, l;et me know
Andrew [11:07 PM]:  of course
Her [11:07 PM]:  allowing him to toss me around like a rag doll
Her [11:08 PM]:  oh no...theres not too many people i can have this type of conversation with...most people get shy and change the subject...
Andrew [11:08 PM]:  not
Andrew [11:08 PM]:  me
Her [11:09 PM]:  i look at sex as an can always be improved upon and theres no limit to the i love to talk about it..
Her [11:09 PM]:  so tell me....what turns you on?
Andrew [11:10 PM]:  1 sec
Andrew [11:12 PM]:  hey
Andrew [11:12 PM]:  we need to talk more.....:) seriosuly....hee hee
Andrew [11:13 PM]:  i got to go now tho...:(
Her [11:14 PM]:  alright hun...i didnt offend you did i?
Andrew [11:14 PM]:  no
Andrew [11:14 PM]:  not at all:)
Now... I am sorry... but WHAT THE HELL? He has no clue what is respectful and what isn't and by now he should damn well know when to shut the FUCK up and this ENTIRE conversation should NEVER have even come close to happening. Geeze.
But of course, I am a "prude" and a "drill seargeant" and too damn up tight so what the fuck do *I* know, right?
It just pisses me off. He has apologized, said it won't happen again... blah blah blah. (Umm, how many fucking times will I hear that in my life? Because let me tell you, I am already REALLY damn sick of it.)
Anyway... another (unlocked) entry will follow this one.

2:02 p.m.

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