Monday, September 10, 2012

I am at a loss for a title...

Donate to the Red Cross Hurricane Relief

I feel a bit heart broken for everyone dealing with the aftermath of the Hurricane. Even in my mind, when I had envisioned a "worst case scenario" - I could not come close to what everyone is going through.
And this just totally sickened me.
And it feels a bit like we are on the brink of a national crisis with the gas prices - here, in the past 24 hours our "cheap" station raised it's prices over 50 cents for regular unleaded.. we are officially over $3... it is a little frightening, especially since there is no sign it will go down anytime soon... only up.
Anyway... on the home front things are actually quite calm. My mother has been driving into work each day this week with my husband... which means I have not had to listen to her "debate" about whether or not to go in - and hopefully if she was just taking the bus she would not have been debating anyway... but I just don't know. It is probably driving my husband insane, though he is the one who stuck his foot in his mouth. I hope once she gets her first check on Friday, she goes back to taking the bus both to and from work. (She is still taking it home each day.)
As for my husband... his entry actually angered me a bit. He tried to make it sound like I am working some attack on his grieving process or something. I am not, at all. Of course, it would be nice if he would actually talk to me enough so I can know just how much he is still grieving. This week so far I think has been a bit different... so maybe he is working on it.
At least we have a 3 day weekend coming up. Maybe that will help. I just hope it ends better than every weekend these days seems to end. It will start off great the first day... and then on the second day my husband is all "stressed" with the kids - just being kids... and that gets me so irritated... and each Sunday recently has just seemed to leave me feeling really down. Hopefully this one will go better.
That's all I have for now... my back still hurts from my mishap this weekend... I would really like it to get better already...

10:09 a.m.

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