Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I am ready for snow again.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the heat? But I have discovered something I hate even more than the heat... my house in the heat. Most houses on the inside are a nice and cool 70 - 72 degrees because of their air conditioning - no matter what the blazing heat is doing outside. This is how I survive the summer months... in the air conditioning.

It should have been a warning sign. When we moved into this house - amongst the immense pile of garbage in front of the house that the town had to come and remove that the pervious owners left - were nearly 30 broken fans. Floor fans... table fans - you name it, it was there - several times over. But I knew the house had central air...

Apparently the central air does not work worth a crap in this house. It is 90 degrees outside right now... and though I have had the air conditioning set for 70 degrees all day long... it is 85 degrees in this house. My baby girl just woke up from her nap - totally covered in sweat. It is just disgusting in here.

It is so friggin hot in the bathroom that even if I took a cold shower - I'd be sweating. (That's one of the few other things I really don't like - cold showers/water.) I would take one - if it would help. But it won't. I guess I have to wait until the sun goes down outside to shower - because if I took one and stepped out just to be sweating right away... that's just nasty.

So there is my rant about the heat in this house. I NEED to do something about it - but even a new AC would not fix it.

4:54 p.m.

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