Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New teeth!!

My sweet baby girl is miserable today. She is teething. Two of her top teeth have finally broken through... and it seems two more are still pushing their way through her gums.

I know she feels crappy because of it - but I am very excited anyway... she will finally be able to eat so much more once they come in a little better!!

And as for me today: I am stressed. Very, very stressed. My husband has a job interview today at 3... this is the second interview for the same company - which is almost always a good sign. Now we just have to hope that the $ is right. We need so desperately to get out of the financial hole we are in right now. Yesterday we went to the store - and intentionally bounced a check. But I HAVE to make sure my baby girl's formula stays stocked. It turns out... by writing that bad check... we got an immense break in the twisted scheme of things. The check out person rang my husbands carton of cigarette's up twice. I did not even notice it until we were out the door... and the check was written. So we went back and told them about the error... and they gave us the $50 back... in cash. I was sure they were going to say they would mail us a check or something... but they gave us the cash. So now he actually has gas money for the rest of the week. Strange how things work out sometimes.

Well... I have to go for now... my sweet munchkin is needing her mommy... (I wish I could take all her tooth pain away.)

2:22 p.m.

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