Friday, September 7, 2012

I can't think of a title for this entry...

Yesterday I really poured my heart out here. I tried to get a lot off my chest that's been bothering me yesterday. What did my husband have to say about it? One simple belittling sentence, probably geared to make me either feel bad for even writing it, or feel foolish. Either way, he decided to be an ass about it rather than try to comfort me or anything.

I am feeling such a communication gap between us these days, and I hate that. But life is just so busy right now, it seems impossible to slow it down and figure out what's wrong. Maybe he is holding a grudge against me because it seems he is feeling I am not doing enough around the house right now. (Sorry, I did JUST have a baby, and have had a sick 15 month old all week...) Or maybe it's the sex... or lack of I should say. I mean... did I mention, I did just have a baby? I am sort of out of commission in those areas these days... but of course, then he gets selfish about it and wants to know why I won't just at least take care of *him*. I mean geez, can't he be happy just putting his arm around me and holding me for a few weeks? Is it so much to ask?

Or maybe that's not it at all. Maybe it's a combination of the two. Or maybe my postpartum hormones are just in over drive and I am overly sensitive. Oooh... wait - she said *that* word - great... now he has an excuse to make any issue I may have over the next few weeks feel insignificant and unimportant. Well... hopefully he won't go that route with it. Even if it is hormones, it does not mean that I am not REALLY feeling this way.

So, am I just being overly sensitive?

1:34 p.m.

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