Saturday, September 8, 2012

I don't know a title...

I have sat here at least 3 times over the past few days about to write... sometimes I even had a sentence or two down... and then something or another happened to draw my attention totally and completely away from what I have been doing.
We are waiting to hear from the job that told my husband last week he was absolutely "hired" to make sure he really is hired. They keep calling back with one question after another. For instance now the job stopping crisis are their need for his transcripts from NYU. Give me a break already. Just how much detail could they possibly need? Anyway... we think he has the job. And we think he will start the job around the 1st of March. We think. And can I say just how much uncertainty drives me literally insane? Honestly... it's just making me nuts. We do have a sort of a back up in the works... he did a phone interview with a company today that seemed to go well... and they are supposed to call him back on Friday with a date and such they want to fly him into Houston (yes... I said Houston... the one place I have been avoiding like the plague) to meet with him in person. The date of that however, is contingent on whether they want it to be a fly in, in the morning and out in the evening sort of thing... or an over night stay. Because on Saturday he is driving across the country to meet his ex-wife on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border to pick up my step-daughter who will be staying with us all next week. (So an over night for him next week would be out of the question, as he wants as much time as possible with her while she is here.)
Things are just... confusing.
Anyway... I am really looking forward to her visit this time. I know the kids will adore having her around... and we have plenty of fun things to do. It is going to be a busy week!
Last week... after a particularly ruff day... my husband told me something like: I want you to remember me for the good things, and I want the good things to out weigh the bad. He said this knowing how heavy the weight of the bad times and things in our past are... and though I have heard similar things from him before... he really seemed sincere. I have faith in him. I just thought it was important to say that.

An update... after writing all this.. it seems the job here he was absolutely "hired" for... he has been "unhired" for as they are still checking his school records. Ok... someone explain this to me... all his references came back perfect... his job history came back perfect, no one said anything bad about him... yet they need proof of a school he attended over 15 years ago? Proof they have received... but did not like the content of?? What the hell is wrong here? It seems it is time to hope the "back up plan" comes through... or we have to find a new plan altogether.

3:33 p.m.

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