Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I had more to say...

Today my husband said he would be leaving between 6:30 and 7:00 pm to come home from work - even so, I have realized he is incapable of actually meaning what he says when it comes to this - so it was no surprise to me that I called him a little after 7 and he was still there - but he is just so damn inconsiderate sometimes.

I asked him when he was leaving, and he said he was "getting ready to wrap it up" so I asked him exactly what did that mean and he said "5 mins." ok... no big deal. (Though I know that actually means more like 30 mins) But before I could say anything else... he hung up. No "bye" or "I love you" or "did you have anything else to say" - he just plain hung up.

I had more to say. Sure, it was nothing important - but he did not care either way.

Is this it? It this what it is going to be like?

I just had more to say.

7:28 p.m.

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