Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I hate this. When will it get easy?

My husband had to go into work this morning - upstate. Originally we thought he would not have to go in until Monday, but no - he had to go in today. So, when he left this morning we seemed in sync with our line of thinking... that we would continue on with our "original" plans of picking up my stepdaughter Sunday and proceeding on with her two week stay, and therefore he would simply make the commute.

Then he calls me... and tell me that "they" really want to "put him up" there from Monday to Wednesday of next week, because he has to be in more "all day training..." Clearly, he just expected me to what... accept this? First off - where the hell do these people get off giving him no notice with this? And SECOND - just a few freaking hours ago he was just fine with the drive daily... WHAT'S CHANGED??? So then he goes into how the hours are going to be longer, he has to GET IN at 8am, and won't be able to leave until 7pm. And somewhere through out the course of our conversation/argument he changed that figure to an even more dramatic one of: he will have to be in training from 8 am to 8pm. This is something my husband does that makes my blood boil. I can never tell when he is over exaggerating something, just to get his way.

Well, we ended the conversation with him telling me "fine" he would make the commute. But clearly now he thinks he has a right to give me one hell of an attitude about it. Instead of saying he loved me or anything before he hung up, he just said "bye" and quickly hung up. So... now I have to deal with his attitude problem too?

At one point he was like "I am sure you have "other" reasons you don't want me up there." And he is damn right. I could list out a truck load of reasons I don't want him to stay the night. The obvious: *I* worked damn hard to get this two week stay over from his ex-wife, and I am not about to see it all washed away... because she (the ex-wife) has tried damn hard to ruin it - and then that would destroy our credibility for it for next year. Next, the dogs about made me LOSE MY MIND while he was gone... I don't need that shit right now. Not to mention: when he left here this morning he clearly was intending on making the commute - NOTHING REALLY CHANGED!!! And yes... there are "other" reasons... his track record for this is terrible... even last week he was all wacky one of the two nights... and really pissed me off... plus he drank - and he is a totally different (less trust worthy) person when he drinks... and I don't know who the hell these people are. He has a baby girl here who needs her daddy... and I am not about to just say "sure, stay another half a week" when he could be going to this office possibly for how much longer... another month??? Maybe more?? No way am I going to allow this sort of bull shit schedule to be set up as the normal way we are going to handle this. I am pregnant I need access to him, and the car, and the store... etc. etc. etc. I could just go on and on.

So - now it seems he is going to "give me my way" (because that is how he looks at it) - but he is certainly not going to let me be "happy" with it.

Geez.. all this, and when he got back Wednesday night he was like "pamper me" - Uh... say WHAT? HE was the one getting room service with excellent air conditioning, a 4th floor balcony over looking the mountains, and NO FREAKING DOGS to aggravate him... *I* was the one who should have been pampered.

12:49 p.m.

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