Friday, September 7, 2012

I just knew we were screwed.

So, yesterday I was looking at a web page on the computer and the computer decided it was not going to load that web page. No big deal, our computer seems to do this type of thing ALL the time. (We hope to get a new one after Christmas.)

So I rebooted the computer. (As I always do which temporarily corrects the problem.) When it came back on... I can't even begin to describe what I saw. Basically... nothing. Yep... NOTHING. The computer was wiped clean. No internet explorer... no my documents... nothing. I could not access anything. All day yesterday I tried every trick I knew to fix it. I called everyone I knew that might know ANYTHING about the problem and asked for help... nothing worked. I even tried the "system restore" disk but it would not run.

Today... I decided the computer was a loss. It was gone... never was going to work again and all our files on it... no matter how important they were to us, we would never see again. So I went into safe mode, and started deleting things. I started with the error we were receiving and targeted that nasty little "program" first... but that then told me I was corrupting the windows system. So... know what I did? I went straight to the windows operating system and basically deleted the entire damn thing. Of course this threw the computer into a state of chaos and "crash" it had never seen before...

I then turned the computer off, held my breath and restarted it. The protection software came up right away and I followed the prompts to get everything back... (I had tried this yesterday but it did not work.) This time... it took it forever and it said it was "rebuilding this" "reconfiguring that"... and it worked! I am patting myself on the back... though I don't know exactly what I did!

Well, I will be back with more later.

1:53 p.m.

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