Monday, September 10, 2012

Insane Delusions

Since my last (private) entry, I have had no communication with my "former friend" at all. None. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. (And to clarify for the sake of the nonsense you are about to read, I sure as hell have not had any communication with any of her neighbors either.)
I swear... if it was not so sad, and a bit creepy... it would be hilarious. And, thankfully there is over a thousand miles separating us now, because otherwise... I sure as hell would have to take out a restraining order... because clearly, she is totally nuts.
Allow me to explain...
I think the fact that we have not responded at all to her craziness... has made her go completely delusional. (I say her as a general term, it is speaking about Sherri, her husband, and her new best friend Kelly.) Because first... in response to me when I did this entry, Kelly wrote this in her journal:
My Answer to Lisas Entry2005-09-13,9:50 a.m.

Yes Lisa, I read your diary. I don't read it for Sherri, I read it because I really enjoy seeing how miserable you are. You deserve everything you get. Entry Disclaimer: There are a few people who, through the years that I have had this online mind vomit running, have offered me "constructive criticism" and the like, and this is not directed at you... but to the couple of trolls I have had bothering me lately... I won't bother stopping you from reading me... you are not that important - but leave me more of your ridiculous comments... and I will block you... because I don't need that juvenile crap from someone who is stalking me for someone else's curiosity. Do you proof read? The first four lines make no sense. I have never once left you a comment, if I had I would have proudly displayed my name. You and your faggot ass husband have left me comments, and I thank you for thinking that I am so important that you want to talk to me. If I were to leave you a comment I would blast you for your political ignorance, your fucked up religious views and for being a pathetic mother (but look who you learned from)
Catchy Phrase: How Many Cars do you Have to Have Repossessed Before you Realize you Have to Pay For Them?
Now... first off... I do have that nifty little i.p. tracker.. I know damn well she and one other of Sherri's friends are to blame for a few nasty comments I have received.
So... Enjoying my misery? She doesn't even KNOW me. "Deserve" what I get? Who the hell is she to say? "Faggot ass husband" - ummm.. what? And I have NEVER left any comments for that crazy bitch...
But the only thing that got to me in this stupid nonsense she wrote... was the way she attacked me as a mother. She does not even KNOW me. So she is what... taking word from Sherri? There is so much I can say about Sherri's parenting.. but I have not - because that is not me. But since this is a private entry that I expect no one but a very few people to see.. I will say... Sherri is a truly pathetic excuse for a mother in my eyes. When she lived in Oklahoma... she left her children in the care of someone she claims did horrible things to her as a child. (And out of respect for her, I won't go into more detail than that... but what she says happened... was horrible.) She leaves her (at the time) less than 2 year old to run free in a house with open electrical sockets, full access to sharp objects... I can't even begin to count the number of times myself or my husband went over there, and pulled something the child could have choked on out of his mouth. But to her... it is "funny" when he puts her deodorant in the oven broiler... and turns it on... (This is why she watched my children less than 5 times, and always at MY house, the more I realized about her... the further away I kept them.)
Yet her hick friend thinks she has ANY place attacking ME because of whatever lies Sherri has told her? Now... that pissed me off. (So, I am venting about it here... and not out in the open where it will just add fuel to their psychotic fire.)
Now... here is the thing that really blew my mind... an entry Sherri did the other day:
Let the truth be known (2005-09-24 - 7:54 p.m.)
Me, my husband our kids and my neighbors son walked to the store, upon returning my old neighbor was there. Come to find out, there are SO many lies that have been told by people it's hard to belive I am STILL uncovering them by a TON of people. What's more, is all the stories I hear, are being backed up by more then one person. I have heard the same stories from a few people. It felt really good to get all that out in the open and see why we weren't friends to begin with. It's good to know that the reason people wouldn't talk to us isn't becuase of WHO we are, but WHO we associated with.

As my husband just said, we were had since the day we got here, people had thoughts on us just cause who our "friends" were. Moral of the story here, judge for yourself, and becareful who you trust, cause they could have BIG FAT LIARS!!! And you know, for me there is a song for EVERY situation. And how I will sometimes put them in here. Well this is no different. I found this song by the Sex Pistols...(notice Kelly, I give credit where credit is do)

Lie lie lie lie liar you lie lie lie lie lie tell me why tell me why Why you have to lie should've realized that you should've told the truth should've realized you know what I'll do You're in suspension you're a liar How I wanna know know know know I wanna know why you never look me in the face Broke a confidence just to please your ego Should've realized you know what I know You're in suspension you're a liar I know where you go everybody you know I know everything that you do or say So when you tell lies I'll always be in your way I'm nobody's fool and I know all 'cos I know what I know You're in suspension you're a liar you're a liar you're a liar A lie lie lie lie lie lie lie lie... Lie lie lie lie Liar you lie lie lie lie lie I think you're funny you're funny Ha-ha I don't need it don't need your blah blah should've realized I know what you are you're in suspension you're in suspension you're in suspension you're a liar you're a liar you're a lie lie LIE

Part of me is really pissed to know EVERYTHING I have been told was a lie, and it all comes out now. It's a shame people are that way, shame people have the need to make them feel better but fucking with people's heads. People like that have NO right to tell me to treat my good souled husband right....oh fuck, I could go on, but then they would have the best of me. FUCK YOU!
Dave's Quote of the day: It's called KARMA and mine is good, how is YOURS
Recommended Playlist: Sex Pistols....Liar

Ok, first off... honey have you ever heard of spell check? And second... what the FUCK is she TALKING about? Next she will say I have made special trips there to peek in her windows at night or something crazy. Talked to her neighbors? Uncovered lies? The only one out of us that lied was HER.
If it was not for us, she would still be in Oklahoma, a place she said she hated... she said was killing her. We got her the money to move to her "dream house." She has MY daughter's bunk bed. (When we moved there, it did not fit in our house... I wish we had gotten it back before leaving.) She has MY nice dining room table. Thankfully we took our big TV back before leaving. She owes SO DAMN MUCH to us. I am just completely beside myself. And to tell ME about karma? I am not the one it is going to bite in the ass... I am living my life... for my family and myself. It seems she is living her life... to bash me. And I am just dumbfounded by it.
They all have these myspace pages too. And in their comments sections all they are doing is bashing me, and my husband... and her husband's talks all about porn... and Sherri has acted all "cool" about it... meanwhile, she used to cry to me all the time after finding all the porn sites he would visit before she got up in the morning, before he went into work.
And clearly they are really wanting me to see all of this... but I don't really understand what real purpose it is serving for them. Are they that bored...? All they have to do with themselves is make up crazy conspiracy theories about me talking to their neighbors?
If I call anyone... it will be their landlord... to make damn sure our NAME is off the lease. (Yes, that is the only way they were able to get their house...)
I am just a bit freaked out by her delusions. I mean.. she is nuts.

11:33 a.m.

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