Monday, September 10, 2012

My day at the doctor.

First off, to everyone who told me to make a list of things for my doctor... (from this entry) Thank you so very much!
I made a big list, elaborated on everything on it so I would remember it all... and felt pretty prepared going in there today.
And with the way I found the doctor, I just kind of had to call around from our insurance companies web site for a doctor that would take a first visit patient on a weekend appointment... I knew it could either be really good... or I could end up in a glorified "emergency care" clinic. So... when I first walked in... the waiting room seemed a bit dingy, and I swear it smelled like someone had been smoking in there... I was so ready to turn around and run right from the beginning. BUT, the nurses at the desk were extremely nice... the patients waiting looked well dressed... and not like someone that had just stumbled in off the street... so, I gave it a shot.
And, it really paid off. The doctor took blood to check my thyroid and such (that I won't know on for another week, maybe even a week and a half) - but did say that all my symptoms together were a good reason for concern. (Thank you for the "I am NOT crazy" reassurance...) And then x-rayed my hip. (I expected that, but I was relieved that he was able to do it all right there, I expected a lab trip for the blood work, and then another trip somewhere for the x-ray) - and on finding no clear reason for the pain... has set me up with referrals to two specialists. A neurologist, and an orthopedist. (I expected, and wanted that.) This way I can work on long term care. He says it absolutely sounds like sciatica (tell me something I don't know) - and so in the meantime he gave me two medications, an anti-inflammatory, to take all the time, AND a regular old pain pill, to take at night, or as needed when the pain is really bad.
I am just so relieved I could cry.
Finally, after dealing with this pain for so long... a real doctor has told me he understands. And I am on the road to making it better! And the thyroid stuff... well... I don't really know what I want with that. (I know, that sounds like a crazy statement to make.) But, if it is not my thyroid, then what IS causing all the constant tiredness, low sex drive, goofy female "cycle" (sorry guys), massive hair loss and such? Could it just be a bunch of minor nothings all happening at once? I know a thyroid problem is simple to treat if it is that.. but I certainly don't want that either. So... I guess I will see what the tests say. Hopefully it is just my body getting all wonky for a bit, and everything will clear up on it's own soon. Maybe it is just left over stress working it's way out of my body from all of last year's ridiculous hell?
So... there you have it. My day at the doctor. I do hope I can take the anti-inflammatory ok. My stomach seems to have fits with stuff like that. (So he sent me home with prevacid too.)
I guess that's all for now. Hope you all have a great night, and rest of the weekend!

11:35 p.m.

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