Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It was a simple thing to ask, right?

Sometimes I get so irritated over something, that really is not a big deal, but at that moment it seems HUGE to me.

An example: Last night, my husband and I are sitting in the den, on the couch watching our new TV addiction for the year: 24. The baby has been having a ruff evening, and clearly something is bothering her, most likely her teeth. (Her top teeth have been trying to come in for nearly 3 months now, poor baby.) So anyway, I had gotten her settled a couple of times, and once again, she woke up and started getting increasingly agitated. Clearly, this needed our attention. So, I asked my husband if he could go get me 1 tylenol (for the growing pounding sensation in my head), and her the infant tylenol - he looks at me kind of dumbfounded and says "can't it wait..." or something to that regard. So I say, ok, will you hold her for a moment while *I* go get it? He has the nerve to look me right in the face and say "can't it wait..." and POINTS to the TV. (We are IN A COMMERCIAL, mind you.) So what... because of a TV show I am supposed to sit and let my little angel scream her head off in obvious pain???? It's not like he could not have gotten off his ass and darted to the room and at LEAST gotten HER tylenol before the show came back on. So, looking clearly mad (I hope) I started to get up, WITH my screaming baby in my arms, to go handle everything, therefore insuring that I would miss some of the show. (If he would have run to get it, neither of us would have missed any of the show.) And he stopped me... NOW he is saying "give her to me" - and looking all flustered like he would just calm her himself, as if I was somehow incapable. At that point I was so mad I just said I'll handle it.

Thankfully, before I had to get up, she did calm back down enough to fall asleep again. I just don't understand... sometimes he is so helpful and does such nice things (like the other day when I told him I wanted chocolate, and assumed he had not even paid any attention to it... and then when he got home, he had gotten me a chocolate bar...) and other times he acts like I am asking him to cut off an arm or something.

At least I feel better now... I had to get that out. Oh, and after all his not wanting to miss *ANY* of the show..... his darn "channel flicking" during the freaking commercials made us miss what happens on next weeks show. Sheesh.

1:34 p.m.

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