Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just a quick update.

I have not updated in SO long, and this won't be much of an update either I'm afraid. I just wanted to say I am still around, I've not dropped off the planet or something... just been really busy. Last week my sweet baby girl got a little fever, not even high enough to call the Dr., but a fever nonetheless. Friday I noticed some bumps on her tummy, and noted to myself to recheck it soon... Saturday, the poor baby had a full blown rash from head to toe. She was MISERABLE. I hate seeing her like that, I just want to make it all better in an instant but it does not work that way. So, off to the Dr. we went bright and early Sunday morning. They said it was not Roseola, but a viral rash LIKE Roseola. So there was nothing they could really do. We gave her a special bath Sunday night with stuff that soothes skin, and Monday she was much better, and Tuesday, pretty much back to normal.

I went for my first visit to the Dr. last night - it's official. We are now 9 weeks pregnant and Due December 5th, 2003! We even got to see the little heart beat on the ultrasound. And aside from the near half dozen dreams I have had over the past few weeks with twins, it seems it is just one baby this time. (Phew! - I mean, I was excited at the thought, but had no idea how we could handle that!)

That's all for now! I will write more tomorrow I am sure. It is too nice outside to keep my little angel all cooped up in the house!

12:34 p.m.

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