Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Just a quick update.

I feel so tired. It has to be from being out in the sun all day again yesterday. But it was well worth it. Yesterday was wonderful. My little girl even went in the pool!! We have not been able to really get her in before yesterday because the water was too cold for her and she cried - but yesterday she was loving it!! I am so happy. We were all in the pool yesterday at the same time... myself, my husband, baby girl, and stepdaughter. It was such a nice and relaxing day.

Last night we went to watch a fireworks display at a fair nearby. I was very concerned the baby would panic at the loud booms... but she did so good! She only got a little spooked at the end when they shot a huge bunch of them off at once... but even then she was "ok" because she had her mommy! I love that little angel more and more every day. And yesterday I even got my Chai! So now I will explain what happened: A Chai is a drink from Starbucks I absolutely love and Thursday night at about 9:30 my husband and stepdaughter decided they were going to make a quick run to get me one. So time is going by and I knew the place closed at 10 on Thursdays (11 on Fridays) and by about 10:30 I was getting really worried... but they had not taken the cell phone with them so I could not call and see if everything was ok. At about 10:45 they came strolling in the house... with no Chai. I was baffled... did they get in a wreck?? No - they are smirking... so what the heck happened? Well... apparently they saw a large fireworks display being done and decided to head that direction (this is before going to Starbucks) to see it. They got to the fireworks and it was the fair - the same place that did the fireworks last night... and they got to park for free because it was so late... and they even got in the place for free because it was so late... and they EVEN rode two rides... free - because they were closing down for the night. Then they headed for Starbucks and realized Oops!!! It's not Friday!! They are already closed. So they came home empty handed... and they had only gone out for one thing. I had to laugh. They kept asking "are you mad??" Of course not. I was thrilled they had a good time... Though, I of course had NO SYMPATHY for my husband's whining about how nauseous he felt from the rides my stepdaughter dragged him on... but I was happy for them nonetheless. And I got my Chai yesterday. I just wish I could get another one today. I swear I could live off of those things right now. So... that was that story. I'll update more later... or tomorrow.

1:50 p.m.

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