Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just an update.

My husband has been extra quiet and seemed "down" since yesterday morning. I hate when he gets like this... but I understand, I get that way sometimes too. It's just frustrating... I ask him what's wrong and he says nothing - but I know something is bothering him. Maybe he does not even know what.

He has every reason to be happy right now... we are getting our house together - slowly... but surely, he has a very good, and stable job - and life is just finally good for us. Every day stress is normal...

I am stressed because our escrow refund is not here yet and we expected it last week. It is paying for our new carpet - that I desperately want in before my baby girl's 1st birthday party on the 20th... so now I am crossing my fingers it gets here tomorrow...

I just hope my husband pulls out of his funk soon... I wish I could help him.

On another note: my nose has to be broken. It did bruise - and STILL hurts like hell. It is really making me a bit... MISERABLE. And I worry I have been super bitch and had a short "fuse" with everyone because I have been hurting. It just sucks.

3:48 p.m.

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