Thursday, September 13, 2012

Life is like a box of...

It starts in Elementary school... 5 days a week, you follow the rules, pay attention, do what they tell you... 2 days a week - Saturday and Sunday, are for you. The pattern changes. For many people... for ME - that pattern continued as an adult... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday... was meant for work. Saturday and Sunday, were the days to have time with the family, steal a moment alone, and that is just the way it was..... and has been.......

Until now. Now I feel like I have to do this huge adjustment. I CAN do it of course... and I can even see it's perks - but still... it is so hard to break so many years of: Monday to Friday = work.... Saturday and Sunday = play.

The pattern changed, because of my husband's new job. Which seems to be a great job - he is working his ass off... it is just making things... different. Now, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mean work.... Thursday is the old Saturday - except my baby girl still has "work" on that day... in the guise of school. Then suddenly Friday is "Monday" - and Saturday and Sunday are - well... almost free days? You see - my husband is now working 6 days a week... his one off day - is Thursday. And the Thursday isn't the problem. THAT is fun. We will get some time together, some time with Aidan, and then some time with Jillian too once she gets off school. (This past Thursday we simply both used to catch up on MUCH needed sleep, but as we find a pattern, we will come up with plenty to do on our "Family Thursday's.")

My problem - is breaking MYSELF out of my very hard wired pattern of what to expect on the "weekend." In essence, it is just me and the kids - at least for the majority of the day... and at this point, I don't really know what to do with myself about that!! Of course we had plenty of these moments over the summer... this just seems more - fixed. Permanent or something.

Of course, the difference only seems to be noticed by me. The munchkins are oblivious. They have fought with each other just like any other morning ... and have played together, and are now watching TV together. I just don't want them to get bored... but my son is at an age... he can be quite a pill to take too many places... and I feel horrible saying that - but it is simply true. It is hard enough when both my husband and I are there... but with just me!?

So... a page has turned in the story of life. And now begins the time of school days, and weekends - and what exactly to DO on the weekends to keep my babies happy... (without driving myself insane!) 

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