Thursday, September 13, 2012

Red tipped leaves, Crisp morning walks to the school bus

I have to just say...... my husband sure can clean up nice when he wants too. I mean... each day as he goes to work, he looks good, great even. Then there are times when he tries a little extra hard - like tonight before his lodge meeting... and he just looked SHARP. I just felt compelled to say that!

Anyway - today was his one day off a week. He has been working his ass off recently - so, I made sure he got to sleep in... and once he got up... I actually went upstairs and took MYSELF a nap! (We couldn't nap together because my baby boy had no school today, he only goes 3 days a week.) SO - I was SO darn tired yesterday, and then this morning I felt HORRIBLE. So, 11:30 I crawled up the stairs, the last time I looked at the clock it was 11:50 - and I BLINKED and it was 2:35. I know I needed that sleep. I feel SO much better now.

I just feel... mellow. I have been loving the Fall weather recently! This weekend the temperatures are going into the 80's again (ugh!) - but cooler weather is on the way!! Fall is my favorite time of year. By far. My next favorite is Winter. Yet it is amazing, the time of year I love the most, is the time I hurt SO badly. My hip is running me nuts these days.... I am just trying to keep going... not focus on it as much as possible. Just sometimes it gets so hard. Last night, when I was in bed, it just hurt... I could have cried. Hopefully tonight will be better.

Is this making ANY sense, or is it another full blown ramble!?

On that note... I just realized I have not eaten since lunch... I better go get a snack or something, or I will wake up with a bad headache tomorrow!!! Have a WONDERFUL night!!

Posted Date: : Sep 20, 2007 8:11 PM

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