Saturday, September 8, 2012

Link to this, link to that. Pick your pleasure, or poison

So, I have just done a large number of entries. Why all at once? You can find the beginning of the saga here.
And I am so tired of typing, so I will update more later on I am sure... but the second installment of the saga is here, along with the third which is here, and forth here, and fifth here. There is even a sixth, that is here.
And one completely unrelated one, here.
I hope it is not too confusing... but I just did not want to leave anything out. I have been keeping my thoughts on paper over the last week and a half, so I dated the entries with their proper date and time, for the sake of my own memory.
And just to make sure I stated this... the power supply was the problem with the computer, the new one got here this morning, I replaced it, and everything is running just like it should. My husband's Aunt did send us the money for his paxil, plus some for diapers and such. She is a saint... and my husband said when we get back to NY and are on our feet we will have to "take her to dinner every week, forever" and I could not agree more.
Anyway... I will update more later on... right now I am REALLY tired of typing.
I have not caught up on journals at all... I hope everyone is doing ok.

5:04 p.m.

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