Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lots crammed into one tiny entry!

I just realized what entry I have left up here for over a week! And SO many good things have happened since I wrote that entry - and I just have not had a second to sit down and write them all out.
First off - the Saturday after I wrote that, we actually DID go to Splish Splash. My husband realized on his own there ARE pools there for the babies - and we were able to switch off, he and Amanda went off first, then Amanda and I went off second. I can not believe the ride she got me on too - it was called "Alien Invasion" - and there was a HUGE (well, huge to ME) drop - but it truly was a lot of fun. I did not get to go on as many tube rides and stuff as I wanted too - because at that point the lines were longer and I was worried about my husband left all alone with the increasingly cranky - not napped munchkins. But it was truly worth it. And I hope we get to go back in the next couple of months.
AFTER that - we knew the kids were getting sleepy, but we forged on. We had driven out East to get there, and there is a lot of neat stuff out there. So, we went to the Riverhead Aquarium. And the kids had a BLAST there. It was almost closing time - so we did not get to do some of the things - we missed the Sea Lion show by like 5 minutes. But - there is always next time.
AND - after that we decided to keep driving East. We went all the way out to Orient Point (the farthest east point on the North fork of Long Island) and let the kids run around on the beach for a while. It was just a wonderful, enjoyable day. I hope we get to do it all again soon!!
That was just the 1st of July! Sunday was pretty mellow... and Monday was a normal day - then was the 4th - my birthday! We had pretty much expended our budget though on Saturday, so I knew my husband did not have any surprises in store for me. Even still, we had a great dinner, and he managed to get me a cake - with candles that would NOT go out! He has gotten me those trick candles before - but these really would NOT go out. I finally ha to pull them out and dunk the candles in water!
Then we got to take my sweet munchkins to see the Fireworks. (I have pictures of ALL of this loaded in FINALLY, incase you want to see any of it, click here.)
And then, there was this past weekend. I still have no way to describe it. But it was truly wonderful. It was the first part of the Inka Medicine Wheel I have been looking forward to for months. And it was more intense than I even imagined - and something I *have* to continue. I am just SO happy and excited over it. I am just wondering how much of it I want to put in this journal, or if I will revive my other one I have so been neglecting.
I will leave that as an open ended question for now - I need to run. But at least I got to sit down and update a little bit!! I hope you all are having a wonderful week!!!

8:28 p.m.

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