Saturday, September 8, 2012

Moving plans... moving on

What to say... well... I thought I was going to elaborate on my previous entry when I wrote it... but, after spending a day "mourning" my loss of a "friend" I clearly never actually had... and kicking myself for being right about her motives, and closet hatred of me... all I can do, is just let it go. No use in worrying with it any longer. She still has my nice, large TV, and we will get that before we move back to NY sometime. I feel bad taking it back in a way, that has been their main TV since moving here last June, because I had no room for it here, and they had the need.
Anyway... none of her petty crap is important anymore.
So, I turn the page...

Spend a few days really down, and something good is bound to happen, right? At least I think so. I actually had to gather money from various "spots" I have kept it to make sure we can get milk for the munchkins, and cat food for the cats later. My husband has always complained I kept "clutter" and was "disorganized" - now he has said he can no longer complain about any of that. I found $3 in my dresser, $4 combined in my various Jacket pockets, and a $5 bill (holy cow!) plus some extra singles in my wallet. None of this is considering the actual coin change we have in various jars around the house. So... we just have to hold out a little longer.
We are getting a good tax return back. And sometime in the next couple of weeks it will nicely appear in our checking account. We have priced the moving truck, and it will more than cover that, plus the gas and all that for the trip to NY. We have a wonderful friend who is going to fly in to help us load up the truck, and drive it back to NY for us. Actually two friends may come. That way they can drive the truck, and my husband will be with me to help me with the kids, and animals on the drive.
In that aspect things are looking up, and going quite smooth. The only kink? We just have to figure out when we are leaving. We are going to try to stall our landlord to wait to accept rent from us on the 15th - he is insisting on getting it by the 13th or he will "begin eviction" and all that crap. Even if he does start eviction, all we have to do is show up in court, and I am pretty confident we can get enough time to get everything together. Then we just have to make sure our tenants are gone. Last check they were looking for a place - but we have not received rent yet (would not expect to if they are leaving) OR have we heard they are gone. So that is just really annoying. If they don't leave this month.. well... back up and punt? We will figure something out, I know.
I am just taking it one day at a time... and trying to not get overwhelmed.

12:35 p.m.

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