Monday, September 10, 2012

My crazy weekend and great Birthday

I feel like this weekend was just a big time warp whirl wind.
My mother was not supposed to get here until today... but true to form they got here Sunday. Which did sort of put a kink in things... we had wanted our first sleep over weekend with my step-daughter to be as easy and stress free as possible... and of course that added an immense amount of stress. But overall everything seemed to go well... and my husband did not totally lose his mind...
And things should begin to calm down within a day or so. I am expecting to see a lot of my mother for this week... with her just getting here and settling in and all... so I have that expectation in my head already... I am just preparing myself now for telling her we can't see THIS much of each other in the coming weeks. I only had 2 days of my routine last week that I just absolutely adored so much. I expect it to be in a minor state of upheaval the next few days... but beyond that, would make me insane.
Now... aside from all that - and I just realized I should have stuck that at the bottom of the entry because I don't want it to overshadow all the good stuff... I had a really great weekend.
On Sunday we went to my husband's mothers house, and his Aunt was there, and we just had a really nice time in her back yard. And then, out of nowhere my husband comes walking out of the house with a birthday cake for me! I had resolved myself to just not getting one... we don't have the money, and I just didn't even think they would get me one there... But they did! It even had a flag on it, because of the "born on the fourth of July" thing... which, of course, as my husband was walking out of the house with the candle lit... and the flag on the cake - well... it got a bit singed. Of course my husband was so upset, because he would never burn a flag on purpose - but honestly I just thought it was funny... it was an accident. And the cake they got was SO good too. (I have uploaded pictures, but I noticed buzznet is down for service or something, so they will show up later on, I hope.)
The most special moment of the entire weekend, by far, was on Sunday (and on my birthday on Monday) when my sweet baby girl for the first time ever told me "Hap-py Bir Mommy" - which translated is obviously Happy Birthday Mommy. I could have cried it was so special to me. So very special.
As far as my actual birthday, it was very nice. The morning was perfect, my husband had my baby girl "deliver" cards to me, and the one my husband gave me was just so very sweet, and worded perfectly. As the day wore on, I felt more distant from him than I wanted... much more distant at times in fact... but I am hoping we can make up for it once my mother is settled in. (We saw a lot of each other yesterday.)
And the fireworks were wonderful! My babies did not even get scared! And the show was amazing. I had intended to link to the pictures as I typed this... but once again, buzznet is down... so I guess once it comes up if you want to see them, you can just go hunt them down on your own.
And that is all I have for now. My step-daughter goes home tonight. And hopefully today or tomorrow my husband will find out exactly when he is supposed to fly to Houston (how ironic) for training with his company. And... things are good. Hopefully everything will settle down within a day or so. (If not, I will say something to be sure it settles down.)

1:58 p.m.

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