Friday, September 7, 2012

My kids, and puppy

My little girl is talking so much now. She pretends EVERYTHING is a telephone. She puts it to her ear (or behind her head) and says "Hewwo?" And then proceeds to babble on laughing and smiling until she decides the call is over, or it's time for mommy to talk to the pretend person, and she appropriately says "Bubye!" She is just SO adorable. Every morning now as my husband leaves for work, she stands at the window watching him repeating "Bubye Daddy" until the truck is clearly out of sight... She is growing so fast.

She has also added another phrase to her vocabulary... compliments of me I'm sure. She proclaims "Oh shit" if she falls, or drops something, whatever... I can't help but laugh when she does it, I mean, she is 18 months old, it's not like she knows it's a bad word.

Recently, with my husbands job changes and such, her schedule has gotten a bit goofed up, so every morning around 10:30 am or so I get some wonderful snuggle time. Normally about that time I am on the computer, and she now crawls up into my lap with her pacifier in her mouth and her "blankie" under her nose (don't ask, she HAS to sleep with her blanket under her nose) and puts her head against my chest and dozes for nearly 30 or so minutes each day. Having her snuggle against me like that is just such an amazing feeling. I wish I could bottle it and have it every moment of every day. The same goes for when I hold my baby boy. I can't believe he is going to be 4 months old on the 24th already. Time just flies way too fast.

I am feeling good today. And I got a LOT done around here yesterday. I hung pictures that I have been procrastinating about putting back up since we ripped out the wood burning stove, and I cleaned and organized my bedroom - it had become something more of a giant laundry/toy basket than the "retreat" - which I prefer to have as a bedroom.

I know I mentioned before we just got a 10 (now 11) week old German Shepherd puppy. And, I was petrified when we did it. I was so worried it would turn out to be a horrible, stressful mistake. But now I must say, getting this little guy was one of the best things we could have done. He is an amazing little dog already. He is great with the babies, asks to go out, and just already seems to "know" what he is supposed to do. Today my daughter was climbing on the futon and the other dog got grumpy and let out a little yelp at her (he does that often) but when the puppy saw this: He jumped up and started to BARK at the other dog for barking at the baby. I love Shepherds, they are just such wonderful dogs. Now, of course we have had a few accidents and some stressful moments - but he is a puppy... and I certainly expect that.

Until next time...

3:06 p.m.

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