Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Thanksgiving Plans

So.. now today I almost feel guilty for being so irritated over the entire Thanksgiving thing.

On his way home from work yesterday, my husband told me "it seems Thanksgiving will be at our house this year after all..."

Of course... I am extremely thrilled. But I do feel horrible about why it had to turn around like that. In all that rain we had a few weeks ago, my mother-in-law's basement flooded pretty good... and in turn that shorted out a lot of her electrical wires down there. Well... she had it looked at by an electrician, and apparently, a lot of it is quite dangerous. So much so, that it needs to be redone... right away. So... a lot of the sheet rock and all that sort of thing will need to be removed and repaired, so... she decided it would be easier to do it here after all.

So... now I am slowly getting quite relieved and excited... but now I just feel guilty about how it came about.

I guess I can't win.

So... as horrible as it may make me to be happy with at least the end result of this turn of events.. I am. Thrilled. Now I can plan out all the neat little pre-dinner munchies I was hoping for... and I can cook a full meal... plus on TOP of that then I can let anyone who wants to bring anything do so...

My husband made it sound like he would like for me to have the tree up in time for Thanksgiving, now that everyone will be here for it... I just don't know if I can pull that off or not. I mean, it would be really neat... but - I have to bring in extra tables and everything to accommodate everyone... and the tables will have to go, probably right where the tree would. So... as much as I love the idea... I guess I just have to play with the "layout" a bit first.

So... with much relief, and a twinge or two of guilt... I am closing this entry out for now. Stay tuned... I am sure the "day after" entry will be quite entertaining. (And the ones leading up to it too!)

9:49 a.m.

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