Monday, September 10, 2012

Off on a business trip...

Entry Disclaimer: There are a few people who, through the years that I have had this online mind vomit running, have offered me "constructive criticism" and the like, and this is not directed at you... but to the couple of trolls I have had bothering me lately... I won't bother stopping you from reading me... you are not that important - but leave me more of your ridiculous comments... and I will block you... because I don't need that juvenile crap from someone who is stalking me for someone else's curiosity.

This morning bright and early my husband left in a nice sleek black expensive looking car to be carried away to the airport... to be taken far, far away from us. And, it was almost all surreal. I was just so unprepared for it in so many ways... I had his bags ready, the kids were up to say bye - but I thought the car was coming at 7:45. And he went outside to smoke at 7:30, and while he was out there, the guy pulled up. I almost cried... I thought I was going to have a few extra minutes with him. And then all day, the babies were totally confused. I told my little girl daddy was at work - but he had to take an airplane to get there and so it would take him a while to get home... and she would say "Daddy is bye bye at work in airplane.." but was still "looking" around the house for him, because the truck is in the driveway.
Poor thing. I did manage to distract them a bit tonight with pizza delivery. That always scores some extra mommy points.
And, I got so much accomplished today. And... I want to talk all about it - but I can't. I figure there is a slight chance my husband may read this somehow from Houston... he might get to see my older brother tomorrow night... I hope he does, I sent a boat load of pictures for them down with him. And... just incase he checks it from his computer while he is there - well... I am working on something that I hope turns out well, that will be a surprise for him when he gets home. So, I am not about to go and blow it by mentioning it in here now. Guess I can build a little suspense for Thursday's entry?
Tonight, I had a brief set back in the form of a "flash" from the "past." It truly only lasted a fraction of a second... but I guess that is all it takes to be a reminder of how much I cherish the way things are now. And it was all probably compounded because earlier today I talked to my brother's partner for a bit, and they are having issues... infidelity issues... and talking about it brought up some of my memories...
But just before 8 pm, my husband's cell phone rang. (His company has given him a blackberry, he brought that one to Texas, and kept his regular one here, less to worry about carrying around.) And the number said "private" (blocked)- and when I answered... there was a woman on the other end... I said he could not be reached on this phone right now... (it was obvious in the way I spoke that I was his wife) and I was going to offer his blackberry phone number, or take a message, or something - but - she just hung up on me. (My first reaction: who the hell does she think she is, calling my husband at 8 o'clock at night, and then fucking hanging up on me because she can't get him??)
Two years ago that would have been one hell of a red flag... today - well, it just pissed me off. My husband was not sure who it could have been... but he assured me that when he finds out, he will say something about how rude she was. And you know what? I believe him.
So, like I said... it was only a minor, and very brief set back.
And I guess it is time for me to get going... hopefully when I go to bed I will be able to actually sleep. I am so used to having my husband there... At least I am already one day closer to him coming home. Thursday at the latest... late Wednesday night if we are lucky and he can get an earlier flight.

11:42 p.m.

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