Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Oh, my nose!" - Wait I already used that one!

So, does anyone remember this "fine" moment? Most importantly, the first couple of paragraphs? Let me tell you... that was nothing compared to how much my damn nose hurts now.
Late last night my husband went upstairs to change and get ready for bed... I was sitting at the computer desk... I heard him say something and turned around and looked up (at the railing facing our bedroom...) and it hit me. I never even saw the damn thing coming. Apparently what he had said was "heads up" - but I reacted a bit slow. And was hit, right on the nose, with a full 8 ounce bottle of milk. It hit me so hard, and sounded so loud... all I could do was sit there and hold my head in my hands, on my lap. Obviously my husband felt horrible... (though not horrible enough because he did not immediately run to my rescue, he stood there and griped and bitched about "why" didn't I catch it...)
Well... there was a pool of blood in my hand, running out of my nose. It hurts so bad. I sneezed a little while ago, and the blood started up again. My nose must not swell and bruise easily though, because, though inside my nose is very swollen... from the outside it doesn't look too bad. But it HURTS. It hurts to inhale... exhale... and whatever I do I can't forget for a moment and try to scratch it or something. I feel like I inhaled a marble, through each nostril - and it's just sitting there throbbing. I never knew how often during the day I bump, or touch my nose, until now.
And my headache... between my eyes, under my eyes, and on my nose. I am a mess. Because I didn't have enough going on right now... I needed this too I suppose.
Moments like this I would love to  have insurance again. Not that a doctor could even do anything for it... but could at least give me something for the pain.

1:10 p.m.

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