Saturday, September 8, 2012

Only time will tell...

Ok... in the dream I was also pregnant and worried my mother - in - law would find out. But I didn't say that in the main entry just because I am not going to talk about this there until I KNOW something one way or another...
I had my husband get another test yesterday on his way home from work. (If you are completely lost by that statement I did a private entry yesterday I did not link anywhere, it's in the "private archives" I recently listed on the right side over there... see it?) This time a 3 pack (smart huh?) so I can obsessively take one every morning if I so desire... and I probably will. This morning... it was once again, negative. I hope I am just testing to darn early though I am SURE at this point with my son and daughter's pregnancies I was at least getting a faint second line.
Only time will tell... and I am really getting tired of that line.
I still feel queasy. If anything my queasiness is hopefully helping me lose weight. That would be a nice benefit to being completely nuts over this.
I sort of nonchalantly mentioned to my husband this morning that IF I am not... maybe we can just start "not worrying" about it, and if it happens, it happens.. (as in.. try without trying?) And he did not jump with a no like I was concerned about... he just asked me if I am "really ready"... to which I answered a completely honest, I think I am. I mean... there is NEVER a "right" time... right?
So anyway... only time will tell........

11:26 a.m.

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