Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Overdue update

I know, I promised a quicker update.. and there is just so much for me to update on... things have just been so hectic here - getting a moment to actually sit down and write has been nearly impossible.
But, I am here now. Some of the family arguing continues... and I am worrying so much about my husband. In a day or so though he is going to take my brother with him, and go down to Florida, to get the pictures and valuables out of the condo we are selling. I hope he will get some much needed time to relax while he is there. He is just so high strung these days. I just wish I could wrap him up in comfort and ease and make everything all better. Everything takes time though... and right now some moments seem to be so painful for him.
Just the other day though, he said something that really perfectly described what I was feeling... but I had not slowed down enough to actually put to words what I was feeling... he said to me he feels like we have really reached a point in our marriage, finally where we are just truly "comfortable" with each other. And as simple a statement as it sounds, it is really very complex, and so very true.
I just hope I am doing enough to help him through everything right now.
I have been dealing with some of my own issues. I have had this never ending "cold" since mid-December. It started out as a cold, then seemed to go away... then after the kids got sick (and my son had pink eye) I got sick again, and it got worse and worse... so I went to the doctor, and it turned out I had bronchitis, a severe sinus infection, AND pink eye. Friggin PINK eye! So he gave me antibiotics and all was supposed to get well with the world again... and I took it, and took it... and as my sinus pain got better, my throat hurt more and more and more, not like I had a cold, but this serious sharp pain. I went BACK to the doctor today, and my sinus infection had now spread to my tonsils. Fun... fun... fun.
So now I have a stronger antibiotic. Yay me!
And the stress from my husband's brother and going through the house and things there just hit a true breaking point today. I think a lot of it has to do with the years and years my husband has just taken crap from his brother... because he has accepted it is just his "way" - and he never wanted to argue with him because it would upset his mother... but he can come off as very obnoxious, and is extremely loud. Tonight it just all boiled up, and there was a huge argument.... my husband threw things (which he regrets) and there was so much yelling... I worry it may have been taken over an un-returnable edge. I guess only time will tell.
I know, I am rambling, yet avoiding details. Honestly going into details would just be too draining. But... I am sure I will get to it soon, on another day. And yes, I WILL be updating quicker, and I am still going to post those photo's of my husband with his 6 pack abs and hot long 80's rocker hair. Just give me another day or so.

11:22 p.m.

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